Seven Kingdom Pillars


The Pillars of God’s Kingdom in the Earth

In 1975, Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade, and Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With a Mission, had lunch together in Colorado. God simultaneously gave each of these change agents a message to give to the other. During that same time frame Francis Schaeffer was given a similar message. That message was that if we are to impact any nation for Jesus Christ, then we would have to affect the seven spheres, or mountains of society that are the pillars of any society.  In recent years Lance Wallnau has promoted the strategy initiated by Bright, Cunningham, and Schaeffer.

These seven mountains are business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family and religion.

The Heart of the Matter

To many who are aware of the 7 mountain strategy to exercise dominion in the earth think in terms of strategies for conquering those realms of society.

But, it must be understood that a Kingdom of God mindset is not fueled by attitudes of conquering or dominating as seen from an earthly, natural, perspective.

The heartbeat of God’s Kingdom is the transformational power of love.  “The 7 Mountains” will be transformed by those who are energized by love for those pillars of influence.  The leadership and people of those mountains.

The Primary and Most Important Strategy

The first “strategy” appeal to God must be, “Fill my heart with an all consuming love for (whichever pillars of influence that you feel called to invade).

First let God’s heart of love invade your heart of love until that very love consumes you with a passion for your mountain(s) and its people.

Kingdom love transforms, first, your heart.  Once you heart is transformed, supernatural Kingdom transformation invades the mountain.  No love produces fruit…of the plastic kind.




Heart Shaped Kingdom

Long-Distance-Relationship-TellsGod’s Kingdom on earth and after this earth is heart shaped. 

Understanding that fact, is crucial in understanding the way God’s Kingdom breaths and produces life.

The Heart Is The Only Lens That Is Operational

Western society attempts to thrive through rationally produced understandings of truth. Not that the intellectual part of mankind is not important.  But, the “rationalist” ideology has taken the place of kingship in the western world.  Both spiritual and so called “secular.”  The truth of the matter is that the idea of a spiritual secular divide is wholly non biblical and non kingdom….but that’s for another discussion.

God’s Kingdom Often Seems Non-Ratoional

I heard someone say that if you are looking for a religion that makes sense, then authentic Christianity is not for you.  You need to look somewhere else.  Again…it’s not about “dumbing everything down” and checking one’s brains at the door when they enter God’s Kingdom.  The intellect is a useful tool when used properly.   It’s about what is in control…reason or heart.  It’s, therefore, also about learning the language the heart speaks.  It’s not the same language as intellectual rationality.

God Speaks Heart Language

It’s vital to learn how to function with one’s heart because it is the language God speaks and it is the source of the power that changes issues and people from lesser to better.

Your heart is God’s “transformer room.”   Therefore, the power to change into God’s Kingdom image is by giving attention to …

Heart Issues.

Instead of seeking the Kingdom of God to rationally understand Him and His life truths as well as solutions for life challenges…

Seek God’s Kingdom for the purpose of increasing intimacy with Him.  That’s the root.  Intimacy in all it’s many splendored facets.   When the root is intimacy with God, the fruit is like unto what God gave Adam and Eve.  A garden full of trees to enjoy.





Baal Arch Canceled

Baal Arch CanceledAwakening to God’s Kingdom recognizes and activates the power of God’s Kingdom.  The more confidence God’s children have in His Kingdom instead of the kingdoms of this world’s cultures, the more God’s Kingdom will be realized in the earth.

Where Do You Have Actual Faith

As Believers, many talk a great game.  They truly have confidence.  Unfortunately they have more confidence in the ability of the evil around them to prevail, than do they believe in the power of God’s Kingdom to prevail in their circumstances.

The Call For Prayer

When many sincere people call for prayer, they realize it more as a necessary religious exercise of duty than as an invited release of God’s power.  They say prayers because, after all, that’s what we do, right?  But, in the saying of the prayers, their focus is still on the “probability” that things will not actually change.  They feel “justified,” in a sense, because they know that evil and end times go together like eggs and bacon.  So, there are really mixed messages going on between their hearts and their heads.

But, Praise God!  There are still many people who actually believe that God’s Kingdom in the earth can be realized through heart felt prayers of faith in God and His Kingdom.

The Baal Arch Construction

It was widely reported and plans were in full swing to erect replicas of the Arch of the Temple of Bel (Baal) in New York and London.  This was to take place this month (April 2016)

Probably multiplied thousands of believing Believer’s prayed believing prayers against it.   And, it came to light a few days ago that those plans had been canceled for both New York and London. 

Coincidence???  I think not!!!

It is important to keep interceding for the United States, because the “spirit of Baal” still prevails.  But, believing prayers of faith in the power of God’s Kingdom also prevails for those who will exercise it.

I encourage us all to pray…but with even more confidence in God than in prevailing evil.

“If My people who are called by my Name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their {own} wickedness, I will hear from heaven and I will heal their land.”  2 Chron. 7:14

Is that a real promise, or a political one?   I believe it’s real!!


Enjoying Holiness

Enjoying Holiness2God’s Kingdom is the realm where we enjoy holiness.  That’s obviously true for our afterlife, but it includes the here and now.  Our challenge in the here and now is that the reality and work of holiness is greatly misunderstood.

Holiness Is Far More Than Purity

Essentially holiness is a diamond of highest value.  The beautiful gem stone has many facets.  Those facets include purity of thought, word, and actions.  But as vital as it is, purity is only part of the full understanding of holiness.

Holiness Is The Experience of Wholeness

Holiness is a life that is intentionally separated unto God and His abundance.  We live is such a sin conscious approach to understanding God and His good news that when we think of holiness, we automatically think about being separated from sin.  And we keep looking at the sin we need to be separated from instead of being separated to God and His described abundant life.

The emphasis needs to be on being separated to God rather than separated from sin.  Looking unto Jesus and the fullness of His life.

Who Does The Separating?

Here is where it gets real.  The first thing that we need to realize is that the power of holiness is in the Holy Spirit/The Spirit of Holiness.  As we begin choosing to fix our attention on the truth of the Gospel past, present, and future, there begins to be an active power that is at work within us.  That power is identified by one of God’s covenant names, “ JehovahM’Kaddesh” the One who sanctifies us.

What’s Our Part?

If you say to me that we have to cooperate with our sanctification (our holiness), I would agree with you.  But, I would not agree with what many people say that entails.  To a great many sincere, but religiously minded, people they believe that being holy is us choosing to stop sinful thoughts and behavior.

That’s fine.  Try it.  How’s that working out for you?

Our part is to choose to put our minds on the greatness of God in Jesus Christ and everything that means past, present, and future.

When you do that.  When you embrace the abundance of His life and provision for you, when you stop focusing on what you can’t do, and fix your attention on what He has done, is doing, and will do, your “tastes/desires” begin to change…without much stopping effort on your part.

<to be continued…>







Worship Hugs

jesus-hugging-girl1-600x350There are many good, accurate ways to understand how true worship is demonstrated. 

But may I break it down to what I believe is the simple, most common denominator?

The Hug

The atmosphere of God’s Kingdom is the breath of Who and What He is.  Love.   But Love is a word that is a manifold concept.  However, there is one way that I believe gives the best concrete demonstration of love.  Hugs.

God Hugs Us

We Hug God

We Hug Others For God

A True Story

I recall a story told by a lady named, Sandy Brown.  She was conducting healing meetings.  During prayer line, Sandy prayed for a lady who was severely crippled.

After a few minutes nothing seemed to happen with the lady and Sandy moved on because the prayer line was quite long.

As she was praying for the next person, the Lord spoke to Sandy, “Did anything happen to the lady you just prayed for?”  Sandy responded, “Yes, Lord. by faith.”  To make her conversation with the Lord a little shorter we’ll just say that He said, “Go back and just hug the lady in my Name.”

Sandy Brown did so.  For a few moments nothing more seemed to be happening.  And then, all of a sudden, she heard popping sounds begin coming from the lady she was hugging.  After a few more minutes, the lady – under Sandy’s embrace – was miraculously and totally whole.

It’s More Than “Right Doctrine.”

We attempt to share the glories of God’s Kingdom by reciting right points of doctrine.  However, what we must learn is that “right doctrine” isn’t the atmosphere of God’s Kingdom.

Love is.

Faith is motivated…hear me now…is set into motion…by love.

You may have a basically correct belief about the facts of healing, or any other qualities found in God’s Kingdom.  But, without love, nothing happens.

Many are trying to confess healing into manifestation.  Nothing happens, but they explain it away by saying, “I’m standing in faith on God’s Word.”  But, they are unfortunately missing the point.

Everything about God’s Kingdom is centered around and motivated by love and one of the best ways of transmitting love is through hugs.

How Do You Start?

I’m glad you asked.  In my experience, it begins each day by wrapping your own arms around yourself as you imagine, with your heart and mind, that you are hugging God.  Hold the hug and say, “Good morning, Lord.  I love you today.”

You then feel Him hugging you back (because He is).

This may sound like an oversimplification.  It doesn’t sound like good, sound, right doctrine.  (We love our good, sound, right doctrines, don’t we?)

But, what I’ve found is that this simple act, has actually made me more sensitive to those around me.

The only way I can convince you is if you try it (let’s say every day for a week) for yourself.  Don’t move forward in your day before you and the Lord “hug it out.”   Give it a try.  I think you’ll like it.



No Stop Signs In God’s Kingdom

stopsignReligion is focused on Stop (this) and Stop (that).

Of course I’m not talking about the Bible’s description of “Pure Religion” where love is demonstrated to disadvantaged and helpless.

God’s Kingdom in the “afterlife” doesn’t have stop signs and it doesn’t function with stop signs its earthly expression.

God’s Kingdom in the earth is also not about doing works for the purpose of proving worth.

But Here Is What I’m Saying

The “stop signs” or “thou shalt nots” had one purpose.  To show anyone who attempted to stop, that they couldn’t.  Paul says it in Romans 7.

(Take a look at Romans 7 if you don’t believe me.)

The reason that those under the law could make contact with God at all was because of the sacrificial system.  Not because they could keep the laws.

God’s Kingdom Has Literally Come

Yes, there is a place we know as the Kingdom of Heaven that will be the destination for Followers of Christ once they physically die.  However, God’s Kingdom has also already come by Jesus’ own testimony about Himself.  And, the potential of it coming/manifesting is in our purpose while in the earth.

For those who keep asking about their purpose, it’s about your unique qualities of being “portals” for the manifestation of God’s Kingdom in the earth since Jesus is no longer physically in the earth, but His ambassadors are.

Quick Question

I don’t want to get off track, but this is about the whole “portals” thing.  There are people who believe there are places where both heaven and hell have portals of “easier” access to their realms.


Where ever you or I go, as His kids, is where there’s a “portal” of access.  It’s whether you believe it or not.  That’s the only open or closed door.  The legal transaction has already been made.

Back To The Topic

If there is not need for “stop signs” in heaven, there is no need for them in God’s Kingdom in the earth.  So….stop looking for and focusing on them.

The perfect law of liberty and love is the managing force of God’s Kingdom.  Seek that above all else.  Focus on enjoying and giving the love and life that is already yours.  There’s no feeling like it.  There’s no power like it.



There’s A Bunch Of “Trees” To Enjoy

apples-490475_960_720One way to identify deadly religion that is masquerading as God’s Kingdom on earth is how its message is promoted.  There are several telltale marks, but one of the most common is the emphasis on the negative.  This post will look at two of many.

Garden Wisdom

Did you realize that by the time man and woman came on the scene, the garden was already in place for their care and enjoyment?

From the way deadly religion teaches, you would think God set them in the garden with the emphasis of His instruction on warning them about the one tree among the many.  But, that is not how the story goes.  Yes, he told them they couldn’t eat from the one tree.  But, he told Adam and Eve they were to care for and enjoy the abundance of His garden, AND they were permitted to find nourishment from ALL of the trees but just the one.

Nothing in God’s Kingdom message has changed. 

God is the Author of all life.  The fruit of His life is beyond abundant.  He wants you to care for and enjoy it all…but one.  The only tree you are not to be nourished from is the “tree” where you can figure it out on your own without direct connection to Him.  In other words, living from the habit of self sufficiency.

Enjoy the fullness that is God and that comes from God.

There’s more fruit on God’s trees than you’ll ever be able to ever consider or consume.  Stop focusing on the little you can’t have.

Garden Imagination

Another tragedy that dead religion and worldly wisdom has perpetrated on God’s sons and daughters is the severe downgrading of the function of mankind’s ability to visualize communication.

The ability to “image” information is as normal and necessary to human kind as it is for eyes to see, and lungs to breath, etc.   It’s a normal part of waking hours and sleeping hours.  That’s just the way God made us in His wisdom.

However, instead of being friends with our ability to communicate through imagination, deadly religion (and much of rationalistic society) has taught us to fear and/or dismiss this vital function.

Imagination Prayer

I’ve discovered a wonderful way to intimately and consciously connect with God in prayer.  I’m still learning and probably will continue to do so until I see Him face to face in eternity.

I’ve discovered that God has many ways of speaking to us.  Through words, vision, dream, colors, emotions, etc, etc.

I’ve also discovered that I can speak with God the same way.  I am not limited to the form of prayer that is only rationally constructed words that I’ve reasoned out.  I used to think that the most powerful prayers were the prayers that I correctly spoke.  But, I no longer believe that.

Heart Prayers

The most powerful prayers are those that originate in the heart.  Since the language of the heart includes many forms, – and since the imagination is the “factory” that produces those forms – I now speak many of my “prayers” to God non verbally.

That sounds weird…or new age…or something….just weird.   I know.  But, it isn’t.  And since the Kingdom of God is not about fear, I have been exploring many kinds of prayer language.  And, you know what?   I like it!  I’m feeling more and more close to the heart of God all the time.

In Conclusion

So, how shall I wrap this up?   I think just to say, “Explore the fulness of potential in God’s Kingdom Garden.  It’s there that you’ll find the meaning of Abundant Life.



As It Is In Heaven

As it is in heavenWhat does “as it is in heaven” look like?  I believe that there would be great benefit to our faith, if we would do more pondering on phrases included in the prayer taught by Jesus. 

Kingdom Characteristics Revealed

As we are awakened to God’s Kingdom desires for the earth, we discover a great deal by considering the phrases of the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples.

We’ve Been Taught Many Things

In the past several years, I have come to appreciate the “power teachings” of movements known as “Word of Faith,” and “Revival Culture.”  A good awakening has taken place regarding the aspects of mental, emotional, and physical health being for the “now” of our lives and not simply heaven’s atmosphere in the future.

NDE Testimonies

For the past few years I’ve put time and research into what’s been termed “Near Death Experiences” where people often die physically (near death being experiences “near to” AFTER rather than before).

The vast majority of these testimonials talk about the feelings of overwhelming love and acceptance.

As I’ve Been Pondering the Kingdom on Earth

If we are praying that God’s Kingdom would manifest on earth as it is in heaven, then would it not logically follow that the earthly expression of God’s Kingdom would be the increasing reality of …

….Overwhelming Love and acceptance.

The Primary Manifestation

The primary manifestation that God’s Kingdom is present in our lives and activities is the experience and motivation of love for one another.

I don’t mean the “Hallmark Card” warm fuzzy variety…although there are certainly warm feelings inseparably involved.   I mean the “lay down your life” CROSS reality with one another.  Not only for friends…but even those considered to be enemies.

A Faith People

This leads me to believe that true operational faith does not come from how many scriptures verses you declare over your situations, etc.  But…


Ask for an increase in your life of Holy Spirit produced “God Style” unconditional love.  According to the scriptures, it is love that motivates our faith.

Like the song says, “What the world needs is love.”   Not just any love, but the overwhelming love and acceptance that God IS.


Seek as your highest priority of life, God’s reality and expression of Kingdom LOVE.



Much Better Peace

hand_ofgod2In very troubled time, Jesus spoke these words to His friends, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. (Gospel of John 14:27)

Better Than Any Earthly Government

The One known as the “Prince of Peace,” addressed a deep desire felt by all of humanity.  Peace.  The promise of peace.  But, He also made a comparative statement that helped define it.  He said, “I do not give the same kind of peace that the world gives.”

Because everything about the Kingdom of God is transformational in nature, we automatically realize that His peace is better that any peace the any earthly government or political candidate or party has to offer.

Jesus Gave Earth Dwellers His Peace

Too many times too many sincere Christians believer that the laws and limitations of the earth are the “real” conditions that we all have to make the best of until we are no longer on the earth and living, unshackled, in the ages to come.  Or the promises only have the power of a nice sentiment.

Jesus Wasn’t A Writer For Hallmark Cards

When Jesus said, “My peace I leave with you…” He was about to leave this earth realm.  He said that He was going TO LEAVE HIS PEACE for the power, purpose, and enjoyment of those left behind (for now).  He also added one more thing to the promise.  He said I GIVE to you.  In other words, it’s a unearned gift.

What Better Peace Was He Leaving?

When Westerners think of peace they think, “the feeling of tranquility.”  That is not incorrect, but boy is it incomplete!

The Hebrew word, Shalom, (Peace) includes the idea of conditions feeling peaceful.  But, as with all Hebrew words, Shalom also includes much more.  It is a word that conveys the concrete realities of completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord.

Shalom comes from the root verb shalom meaning to be complete, perfect and full. In modern Hebrew the obviously related word Shelem means to pay for, and Shulam means to be fully paid.  Mankind seeks peace from many different sources.  The only true Source is the Prince of Peace.

Peace comes from within and can be experienced deeply regardless of the external conditions.  Further good news is that whatever we experience from God’s Kingdom rule within helps shape what we experience in life.

Your true life and my true life does not depend on the outcome of the 2016 elections.  It depends upon which Kingdom carries the most practical importance in one’s life.

I appreciate my country of birth (USA) but my passion isn’t about “Making America Great Again.”  In my opinion, that is a very fleshy motivations.  It’s about making God’s Kingdom Great Again In Our Experience.



Kingdom of God “P” Words

Praise PrayerThe Kingdom of God on earth has a distinctive, recognizable atmosphere.  That tone or mood will be discovered within the realm of two “P” words:



Praise, at it’s core, is an attitude and expression of highest gratitude and thanksgiving for God and for each other.  It’s not a matter of thanking and praising Him FOR every negative circumstance and trial of life, but WITHIN or IN SPITE of them.  It is the intentional attitude of recognizing that nothing is beyond God’s authority and ability to resolve and restore.


As with praise, prayer has often been reduced to definitions that are not untrue, but are far from complete.  It simplest terms, prayer can be described as man talking to God and God communicating with man.  In reality, prayer is as complex and full of powerful potential as the idea of active two way communication itself.   For me, personally, it has been helpful to think of prayer as having truthful connection with God where I am always learning and perceiving the wisdom of His mind, and heartbeat of His love.  Of all forms of communication in life, meaningful contact with God is of the highest and utmost importance.

Naturally Supernatural

I believe the breath of the Kingdom of God trumps all in my considerations and movements in my life.  Without both of those in full measure, the Kingdom of God is just another among many useless doctrines of religion.