3 Reasons Imperfections Are Blessings

blessed-imperfectionsAre you blessed with imperfections?  Ummm…that’s a weird question!

Like this meme says, “Imperfections are sometimes our best assets.”

There are several reasons I could point to, but in this post I’m choosing my personal favorite:

Imperfections Have The Power To Help Transform Your Life

Here’s some important things I’ve come to realize and delight in:

  1. Typically we have too much confidence in our natural abilities.  God gave us talents, but by themselves, they are like a nice new car, without an engine.
  2. There’s something to be said for “boasting in our weakness.”  In fact Paul did just that in 2 Corinthians 11:30.
  3. He made me “Perfectly Imperfect” for a reason.  Some of you will buy into this.  Some won’t.  Here’s the story:  A few years back I was attending a Leadership Advance at Bethel Church, Redding, CA where Bill Johnson is the pastor.  A part of our pastors experience was to sit with a team of 3 people for 15 minutes and they would share with us what they believed that the Holy Spirit was showing them.

A 10 year old girl on the team I was sitting with shared the following:

“God is showing me tha you are perfectly made but He’s left you with some imperfections to be worked out together with Him.”

Many analyze imperfections as the following:

  • The result of original sin’s ravages on mankind, and/or…
  • The result of personal sins committed.

Don’t Curse The Darkness/Imperfections

Instead of begging God to “take away” your “imperfections,”  begin presenting them to God with a thankful heart that they give you and He an opportunity to “partner up” and discover the two of you can do about or do with them in fulfilling His design, delight, and destiny for you.

To God, imperfections are “no big thang.”  They don’t have to be to you either.  With Paul, you can begin glorying in them.  And, your relationship with your Heavenly Father will be all the closer for them.

Gary Ellis OfficeSome may ask why I “ask for support” at the end of my posts.  Nobody else does it.  I’m glad you asked.  Simply because your response would be a blessing to our ministry.  We always need partners.  And simply put, I believe the Lord put it on my heart to do so if not done in a guilt motivating way.  It’s gutzy on my part, but hey…that’s me 🙂