A Fruitful Life

plastic fruitEveryone wants to be fruitful in life.  It’s part of our God created DNA.  Even if a person has lost the edge on their desire, it’s still there. 

Many (I mean muchisimo many) years ago, the Lord spoke a word to me.  I knew it was His voice because it stood up off the page of my Bible and sang it’s song of hope to my heart.

John 15:16 (NIV), “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit–fruit that will last…”

The picture of fruit, above, looks pretty good.  In fact, much of it looks “better” than the real thing often appears.  However…problem.  It’s plastic.  Not real.  Not tasty.  Not nourishing.

When the Lord spoke to me about bearing fruit that would remain, He wasn’t speaking of plastic fruit.  The thing is…plastic fruit does remain.  It’ll last and look good for eons.

The Remaining of God

Perhaps the primary illustration Jesus was speaking of in “the remaining” was fruit that had the kind of life that would continue to bear fruit, itself, for generations to come.

So That

Jesus chose you and I for a purpose.  Your life and my life has a purpose.  Reproduction.  His design for us is that we have His influence in this earth and on each other.  He gave us the “inner goods” to accomplish that calling.

Unlimited Variety

Many church folks are catching on to an important fact (that some have known all along).  We are created by God to be fruitful in a way that remains.  However, we have a weakness in the way that we teach fruitfulness…and many other things for that matter.  One size does not fit all.  The ways we function in our fruitfulness is as unique as our finger prints and DNA,

Most of our leaders and teachers that we consider successful tend to be easily expressive, and aggressive.  They have the image of success.  What success looks like, of course, varies from culture to culture.

Because of this per-conceived image of success, we tend to super-impose that upon what the expression of a truth looks like.  I remember years ago, 10 women at the church where I served, all baked the same dessert.  In fact they all used the same recipe.  What was funny is that all 10 desserts look and tasted differently.

Self Imposed Definitions

We’ve simply been surrounded by a “style” of the expression of truths that we’ve assumed that the style is one with the truth.  Ie:  If it’s the truth, it looks like this or that style of expression.   Because of this, we develop a kind of self imposed definition or description of … say…”a creative person” and if our abilities don’t fit our self imposed image or definition, we judge that…in this case…we are not creative.  The truth may be that we are highly creative, but we don’t call it that.

We All Have The Seeds of Fruit

We all have the seeds of fruit given to us by God.  He has a purpose for the fruit…that it remain…that it will last…that it will also reproduce.

We all have unique ways of accomplishing God’s goal.  We all have the capacity, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to develop fruit that is tasty, looks, good, and is nutritious for others and ourselves to enjoy.

Today Is Your Day

You aren’t worthless.  You have the unique capacity to bear fruit that isn’t plastic.

This will often fool you:  Your DNA will make your expression feel so natural to you that you could miss that it’s even happening.  In fact, that it’s actually very special.  It may be big like watermelons.  It may be small like berries.  Size of the fruit isn’t the point.  Good fruit has equal value unto itself…and is every bit as valuable to God, yourself, and those around you.

Do you want a fruitful life.  Wish no longer.  It’s right there in you!

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  • Doug Engle

    Gary, first off, appreciate this article for it affirms some lessons I’ve spent years attempting to impart to whomever when the Spirit nudges me to blurt. Second, your “about me” includes “cultural revivalist”. I find that intriguingly quirky. Or quirkily intriguing. Would love to hear more of your thoughts on this sometime. Third, I’m thumb-texting this reply at 3 am on a couch 2 hrs from my home, and am sorry it has no paragraph breaks.

    • Doug Engle

      But I evidently ran out of characters so I retract my third point. Indeed there is a paragraph break. That being said, third, I graduated from Emmaus Bible College, which is a hop, skip and a highway jump north of Davenport. But I’m a piano tuner living in Hutchinson, Kansas. We should do digital lunch sometime… Thru Facebook.com/dougengle or 620-200-2045 at your convenience. I was introduced to your writings thru a candid look at the cultural benefits of answering questions with questions as demonstrated by evangelicalism’s modern bad boy, Rob Hood… I mean, Bell. 🙂

  • gle1244

    Doug, From the style of your writing and your kermit avatar I think you are probably intriguingly quirky, or quirkily intriquing yourself 🙂 I also love the reference to evangelicalism’s bad boy Rob Hood…Bell!! LOL. I will contact you through Facebook in the next few days.