A Guarantee To Not Receive

God has made promises to His sons and daughters.  Without faith, those promises will never materialize.  The thing is…without patience we are also guaranteed to not receive.  Faith is only half of the equation.

However, it’s also extremely important to realize that patience is not human effort of the ability to grin and bear it until something happens.  Patience is not impatiently waiting for our desires to manifest.  Patience is the fruit of the Holy Spirit’s working within us.

But, there must be something we do, right?  Yep.  Right.  We choose to fix our inner eyes on our own God stories.  We choose to re-praise the Lord for His past faithfulnesses in our lives.  We look at those times.  We visualize and re-rejoice in them.  We encourage ourselves on the reality that says, “He will certainly do it again.”  We trust His character more than our understanding of certain verses.

Although it’s important to stir your faith on specific scripture promises, I always encourage folks to not put all of their eggs in that basket, alone.  I believe it’s vital to make the heart of one’s believing to be in the character of God and not simply on specific scripture verses we think we understand.

Faith is not a synonym for trust.  We often interchange the words faith, trust, believe as if they mean equally the same thing…and they don’t.

Faith is our committed response to what God is speaking to us.  That committed response manifests itself in what we do and don’t do, as well as what we say and don’t say.  Patience is resting our heads on the qualities of His character knowing that He’s in action on our behalf.  It’s knowing that God’s promise to us is as faithful as seed time and harvest.  Patience is continuing to go about doing good and healing those who are oppressed leaving the length of our fruit bearing season with God’s faithfulness.

Notice I did NOT say, “until God decides answer.”  That is a huge misunderstanding with many sincere Christians.  I often hear them saying, “God will do [this or that] when it’s His will.”

I believe He sets the answer in motion from the moment we exercise faith and trust.  Everything has it’s season of growth.  When a farmer plants seed corn, the process has begun that results in a harvest of full ears of corn.  It’s the same with any of God’s promises.  Exercise receiving faith with your mouth and your actions and the resulting timely harvest will be yours.

Let’s be as smart as a good farmer.  He sows seed because of belief in the soil to produce a crop.  He leaves the seed in the ground knowing time and patience is now required.  [You get my drift, right?]

To the harvest!