A Hand Grenade

Now and again I like to throw hand grenades into the middle of a conversation.  I do that because I believe we need to actually think about things…instead of blindly following traditional religious logic like bleating sheep. 

Here’s my hand grenade for today:

“There’s a much better relationship with Christ than a committed one.” 

Although I will be the first to admit that there are good and necessary qualities in the virtue of commitment, there’s also something else to consider about the subject.

I don’t really have to put much “commitment energy” into something I really love…or love doing. 

If I have to “get serious” about my commitment to the Lord, doesn’t it indicate that my vision and understanding of Him is coming up short?  Missing the mark?  Is it possible that I still see Him through religious eyes of fear?

What do you think?  I truly believe the answers you have will shape your life in Him.