A Key To Better Things

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise.  But, to many folks it does.  They want better things in life.  They’re hoping for a change in their circumstancesThe solution is as clear as the surprised nose on their faces.  It’s as common as common sense (that is…before common sense stopped being common).

Here’s the miracle working bit of wit and wisdom…

Doing more of the same produces more of the same.  

That little piece of sagacity (oh, sorry.  I’m trying to increase my vocabulary by learning new words and sagacity just slipped out of my brain and onto this post)  Let’s try it again…

That little piece of smartness has the ability to open the gates of new experiences.  Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it is to quip.  It takes a kind of resolve to start a new habit.

We’re creatures of habit and once a habit pattern is well entrenched through months or years of usage, a person has a “holy war” on their hands to make adjustments.  Not to mention the fact that we’re “comfortable” with the habitual road we’re traveling.  Even if it isn’t taking us anywhere more satisfying and productive.  But, there’s hope…

It’s not about changing everything about your daily life actions all at the same time.  The simple act of changing one habit has the inertia to domino effect into more of the needed changes.

The other important reality is that the Lord isn’t so interested in you taking on your own behavior modification by yourself without His involvement.  But, He also knows “we are but dust.”  The treasure we have, in Him, is located in an earthen vessel.

Therefore, the first thing is this:  You need to be CONVINCED that “more of the same produces more of the same.”  I suppose you could be sorta convinced.  It would just take longer.

Next you must engage the Lord in this quest.  (That one bears repeating…you must engage the Lord in this quest.)  Don’t fool yourself, the flesh and the devil are not going to assist you in a journey of doing anything that’s going better you in things that really matter.  Behavior modification as a solo act is self effort.  Self effort is flesh.  In fact, the flesh (especially flesh energized by the devil) may let you think it’s going pretty well…at first.  Then the flesh yanks on your chain…your weak spot, and {whip lash sound effect} you’re back where you started.  Except now you have a sore neck and are blaming God for it when you never got Him involved in the first place.

The third thing.  As you’ve committed all of this to the Lord.  Follow His lead.  Begin with the first thing that comes to mind…no matter how seemingly small.  And keep at it until you have a new habit in that area or action.  Habits literally only take three weeks to change.  The Lord may have you sticking with the one for the whole time, or add more little things along the way.  Literally, before you know it, you are experience a life that’s beginning to glow with different results.

One more quick word about prayer in the process.  I believe that the prayer of others…especially if you have a lot of confidence in them…can produce helpful results.  In fact, it’s really not a bad idea to have accountability partners on the journey.  Not to keep pointing out your failures, but to encourage you to keep moving forward toward the goal.

I also believe that there are cases in peoples lives where the issue is something more than an unproductive habit.  In fact it’s very possible there is a strong demonic bondage.  When that’s the case, I also believe that it’s very important to have people with a belief in power anointing to break yokes to pray into your situation.

However, in my 40+ years of ministry, I’ve seen far too many people looking to “a specialist” to set them free without the person, themselves, engaging with the Lord in the sometimes painful choices of the journey.  Their freedom lasts about as long as the emotion is present.  Then…back to ground zero.

More than likely, this is your thang to walk out and through with the Lord.  The advantage is that you’ll come out the other side knowing Jesus a whole lot better.

Blessings on your journey,