A Key To Unlocking Christmas Peace

ChristmasPeaceGod’s peace is a quality of life.  An important part of the “Christmas” message is that peace is pursuing you.

That leaves yours and my part to be letting His peace catch us.

The story of Jesus birth was accompanied by a message from heaven,

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” (Luke 2:14)

The Key Is A Two Letter Word

Very often the “big things” are the “little things.”  In this case it’s the two letter word, “on.”  The angels announced, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace…”

Every place this word is used in the New Testament, it’s always contained within an action.  It is not stationary or passive.  In Luke 2:14 it indicates action from heaven toward the mankind.

Peace is pursuing you right now!  Stop and let it catch you!

More Little Things Of Peace

The Prince of Peace (The Pursuer) was born into the earth as a baby (a little thing).  As we allow peace to catch us, we begin recognizing it in the little things.  These little things will expand.  It’s like the mustard seed.  There is no end in the increase of God’s Kingdom…(in your life).

We begin experiencing and enjoying His Peace as we open our eyes to appreciate the little pieces of peace.  When Elijah was praying for the rain to begin, it began as a cloud the size of a man’s hand.  It then grew to a huge rain storm.

Prayer:  “Jesus, you are my Prince of Peace.  May Your Spirit open the eyes of my heart to see the tiny seeds of peace that are pursuing me.”

Peace (moving toward you from heaven) to you, my friend.  Right here.  Right now.  In this moment.

While you’re here, enjoy this peaceful video: