A Positive Exposing of the Myth of Miracles

I am realistic - I expect miracles copyMy guess is that a lot of people’s belief in miracles is a myth.  Please allow me to explain.  I absolutely, without a doubt or reservation, have complete and personal confidence in the miraculous power of God.

I’ve come to believe, though, that there is a reality far greater and more glorious than believing in and waiting for miracles as “singular events.”

I am also convinced that  we sell God, ourselves, and our lives short when we limit Him to simply being the dispenser of random isolated miracles if and when there happens to be an extraordinary need.

The Miraculous Life Is Every Believer’s Inheritance

To define the nature of the miraculous as random isolated events is what I am calling, “The Myth of Miracles.”  I must quickly add that I believe “the miraculous” must contain the supernatural or it isn’t miraculous.  In other words, miraculous events have to be beyond natural explanation.

Miraculous is Who God Is

Miraculous is an excellent way of describing the very life of God, Himself.  And His Kingdom is miraculous on an infinite number of layers, quantities, and qualities. 

Believers Have A Miraculous Connection To A Miraculous Vine Flowing With Miraculous Potential

Naturally Supernatural.  Uncommonly common.  Those are phrases of our potential through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Watchman Nee wrote a book called, “The Normal Christian Life.”  He informs his readers that there is a major distinction between normal and average.

Here’s Where My Plane Comes In For A Landing

I believe and therefore I’m writing about a fresh conviction.  Adopted, it brings a shift in thinking and an upgrade in what we experience in the life of faith.

I realize it’s hard enough to get many people to believe that miracles of the God-kind are to be expected, today…ie: They believe the “age of miracles” is past.  However, there’s a growing number of people that accept that miracles can be expected, today.  There is also an increasing group of people that are active in being instruments of the miraculous.

For me the next shift is for us to believe that miraculous potential is a part of the fiber of our being because we are one, through Christ, with His miraculous life flow.  Instead of waiting for a miracle to come to us, we believe that the miracles via miraculous power are already in us. 

Our need is not for God to give us “a miracle.”  Instead, our need is for a “daily manna” relationship with Him.  Then the miracle reservoir within us is co-partnered.  We respond to His wisdom, and do what He shows us to do and say what He shows us to say.  (Sounds sorta like Jesus, eh?)  This activates what’s already there.

We then become living examples of Ephesians 3:20, “He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, beyond what we could even ask or imagine….according to the power (Greek: Dunamis = Miraculous power that is at work within us.)

That’s the Abundant Life that Jesus declared in John 10:10 that so few “believers” have lived in, but still can!

No need to wait for what is already at work within you!  Let’s Be Normal!!

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  • Steve Baker

    A daily manna relationship with Him. Do what He tells us to do and say what He says. This is the life of Jesus in us, the hope of glory. A miracle lifestyle.

  • gle1244

    A daily manna relationship also being a metaphor for the reality that it has to be freshly received daily. We cannot depend on living on what we gathered even yesterday.