A Powerful Simple Prayer by Gary Ellis

As I’ve been making my way along my practical/spiritual journey…sometimes flowing like butter, and sometimes bumbling like…(well, you get the idea) I’ve discovered something.

That “something” is an increasing realization that Jesus yoke is easy and His burden is light.  Another way to put it would be that His way is very personal – one size does not fit all.  And, His “burden” is not overly simplistic, but it seems increasingly simple – uncomplicated.

One powerful simple prayer I’ve found to be an important key is found in the simple words, “Show me that, Lord.”

  • Reasoned realities
  • Insightful information
  • Solid doctrinal truths
  • Thorough academic learning

These are all important to the establishment of solid systems of belief.  However, all of that can be clearly and justly in place and still not produce life change in the learner.

Life change is produced by a foundational spirit level revealing of the truth behind the words.  That takes what the Apostle Paul described in Ephesians 1 as Spirit initiated “wisdom and revelation.”

The best doctrines are those that are birthed in the inner man of the heart as the Person of Jesus.

It’s one thing to know the academia of “Christ in you the hope of glory, as well as the truth of you (and me) in Christ.”  [Christ in me, and me in Christ.  Wow!!]

It’s quite another thing for those realities to become revelation…to literally come alive inside of you in such a way that it feels like you just got born again…again!

At times it’s been so astounding for me that if I had a spiritual light bulb turn on just as I was drifting off to sleep…there wasn’t much sleep that night.

And here’s the cool part.  The simple part.  The profound part.

Those and many other “light bulbs” on scripture verses – I’d memorized years ago – were often the result of me praying that simple powerful prayer, “Lord, show me.”

I read the Scriptures.   Something catches my attention…often something very simple.  I make that simple request.  I turn it over in my mind.  I “stare” at the words (believe it or not).  Sometimes I pray for a bit in the spirit as I’m mulling it over and staring.  (Sounds kinda weird maybe, but it works for me).

Sometimes the inner light just *click* turns on in a short amount of time.  Many other times, it drops on me like a velvet ton of bricks right in the middle of something else I’m thinking about…even days and weeks later.  It all comes together in many different ways.  But, I know it’s a result of my simple prayer that has become so powerful.  I don’t always use those specific words, “Lord, show me.”  But, whichever words I happen to use, they all come from a heart that is saying the same thing.

“Lord, let me see past reasoned academics.”  “Let me see Your heart through these words.”

“Lord, show me.”  Try it.  It works.