A Practical Secret by Gary Ellis

Maybe it’s not really a “secret” as such.  It may be more of a recurring experience that led me to a refreshing reality that seemed to do wonders against mental pressures.

We’ve been under the weight of a heat/humidity wave for the past two weeks.  In fact, it appears that it may not let up for several more days.  During this period, I’ve avoided mowing my lawn.  Unfortunately, the grass didn’t forget how to grow and I’ve been watching a “jungle” arise in what is normally a nice lawn.

I didn’t venture out to mow it with the excuse (a good one to my mind) that it was just too hot and humid.

With each passing day, the heat wasn’t abating and the weight on my mind was increasing.  Finally, early this morning, I decided to wade in and go on the attack with my trusty lawn mower.  It was already 86 degrees with a “reel feel” of 98.  I said to myself, “I’ll take it slow, stop often, and drink plenty of water.”

An hour later it was done.  No more jungle.  And, I was really no worse for the wear.  In fact, emotionally I felt great!  I even seemed to have gained physical energy.

The Practical Secret?

When a number of things build up.  When the pressure increases.  Attack something.  Accomplish something.  Move something forward by doing what you’ve been avoiding.  You see, God designed us to accomplish, conquer,produce, achieve positive movement.  In other words, “take dominion.”

So, today, dominate something positive in your life.  Take charge of something that’s been taking charge of you.  You may be surprised at how it feels like a breath of fresh air.  Your whole outlook may even be altered for the better.  

And one more thing.  As they say about potato chips, “You can’t eat just one.”  One task conquered often leads to another, and another.




  • Donna Blundell

    Timely message.   I did just that this morning.   The only appropriate action was to take someone that hurt me to God in prayer.  Prayers for his salvation, healing, deliverance, and God’s blessings on him and his family.   It was MY action for the day!!