A Secret To Maintaining Your Peace by Gary Ellis

It goes good for awhile.  You feel strong and at peace…then *wham*…where’d it go?  Where’d my peace go?  Maybe today’s thoughts will help.

According to medical studies, the duration of much sickness is not due as much to the strength of the germ virus, but because the patient keeps reinfecting himself or herself.  Another reason is lack of completing the medication or treatment.

What holds true for physical conditions often describes the emotional and spiritual circumstances we experience.

One of my favorite songs from yesteryear (while I was in Bible School) was, “Thou Wilt Keep Him in Perfect Peace Whose Mind is Stayed on Thee.”  The hymn title is a direct quote from Isaiah 26.  The entire chapter is “meal” in itself!

When you read those words from God (I suggest you soak in them and let them saturate your soul) you will recognize God’s part and our part.

God’s Part: God will keep (sustain) him in perfect peace…

Our Part: …whose mind is stayed on Thee.

Secret:  Perfect Peace is not a thing, it’s a Him.

We are immersed in and covered by…we are one with…Peace, Himself, through Christ Jesus.  But, we loose conscious connection with the character and quality of His life when we give our attention back to the stresses that surround us.  Ie:  We reinfect ourselves.

When we loose conscious connection, the door is unlocked for the thief to enter our thoughts and emotions.

Stress comes in a lot of packages.  Sometimes it’s blatantly recognizable as a malicious infection.  Other times it’s the enormity of “good things” that are facing us in the day that make us mentally tired.

Sometimes the prescription for health is to consciously remove some debris from our daily attention.  Stop going to websites and TV programs that foster fear and frustration.  The mental fatigue caused by issues you probably can’t do a thing about is reinfecting you.  Avoid them like you would toxic waste.

At other times, we wake up with the weight of personal responsibilities that seem more than we can handle that day.  An excellent “antidepressant” for those times is to purposely take a TRUST pill.  Isaiah 26:8 works for me “like a charm.”  BUT…as I face the myriad of good Godly things ahead of me, I’ve learned to begin by re-establishing myself  in Him.  That comes absolutely FIRST.

Then, in so doing, I find the experience of His peace begin to pervade my thoughts.  As a result I find wisdom knocking on my door as to what thing to do next…and then next…and then next.

Hope that helps.  It continues to be very effective for me.

Isaiah 26:8 “…O LORD, have we waited for thee; the desire of our soul is to thy name, and to the remembrance of thee.”

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