A Soldier Demonstrates The Secret Of Our Strength

Salute_Seen_Around_The_World__-_Wounded_Soldier_s_Salute_From_Hospital_Bed_Army_Ranger_Josh_Hargis_-_YouTubeHere’s another proof that our strength is at our core.  For a long time that’s been the mantra of physical fitness.  However, the reality of “core strength” being within the invisible world of our spirit man is also crucial to understand.

Josh Hargis, was returned critically wounded from his tour in Afghanistan.  He was unconscious.  Yet, he saluted his commander.  (Video coverage at the end of the post.)

I remember well the man who lay unconscious in a hospital room that I prayed with.  His wife was concerned for his soul.  As I sat by his bed, knowing that there was a lot of evidence that coma victims could still hear, I talked to Bob like we were in a two way conversation.

I said, “Bob.  I would like to pray with you.  Please repeat my words after me as if from your own heart.”  I proceeded to pray a prayer of Bob receiving Jesus as Savior.”

Bob Came Out Of His Coma

The next morning, Bob awoke with his wife sitting by his side.  Still concerned for his soul, she began to talk to him about having a relationship with Jesus.  Bob responded that he did.  She asked him how he knew that.  His response to her wss, “I just prayed with the pastor.”

Even though Bob’s physical body was in a coma, he was still aware of “real time” experiences.

The Soldier, Bob, And You

As it’s been said, “We are spirit having an earthly experience.”  The Soldier, Bob, and the many other similar stories point us to this important reality:

“Our greatest need is to invest time and effort into the strengthening of our spirit self.  That’s where our true power resides.”

Here’s the short video of the Josh Hargis story:

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