A Splendid Journey by Gary Ellis

I’m on a splendid journey. An expedition. An excursion. An adventure.

It’s not that it’s a new thing.  I’ve trundled down this path for some time;  But, I’m being inwardly drawn from an unseen place deep within myself.  It’s like a magnet pulling me forward in a fresh surge of desire.  Perhaps it would be best explained as a refinement on what has already long begun.

What is this developing mystery?

To practice a consistent life lived awareness and consciously aware of His Presence.

Does that sound mad and impractical…if not impossible?  I don’t think so.  Even if it is…even if I falter and fail…even as I miss the mark…I will develop sharper eyes to see, and keener ears to hear the One of Whom is the center of all joy, peace, love, and power.

But…here’s the thing…

I don’t believe this is a potential isolated and only to the experiences of a select few like, Brother Lawerence, J.-P. de Caussade, or the 20th Century contemporary missionary Frank Laubach.

Am I desiring to be more heavenly minded than earthly good?  Not at all!

In fact, if one reads the stories of men and women who’ve made their aim to practice His Presence, you’ll discover they were men and women with roots in the earth that have produced much practical fruit.

Does it make me more “spiritual?”

In the normal definition of that kind of charge, No.  Not at all!  As a matter of fact, it is my considered humble opinion that the more truly spiritual a person is, the more loving, practical, and powerful is he or she in life.  As Jesus put it in John 15:5, “Without me you can do nothing.”  That isn’t merely the description of a person who has the right belief about Him.  It’s a very earthy, organic, reality.

Will I reach my goal?

I’m actually not trying to reach a  final “goal,” as such.  According to the Scriptures, in this age we only see through a glass dimly.  Even in the age to come, I believe our experience will be an eternal opening of new doors into the vast inner chambers of God’s Person.

But, that “inner magnet” tells me that being aware of His “moment-ly” Presence is so much more possible  than we may have imagined.  If I’ve “deluded” myself with a fairy tale hope…then walk softly.  I don’t want to wake up. 🙂

My face is fixed like a flint for “the more.”  Anyone can join me, if they wish.