Who Am I?

I am a husband, son, father, grandfather, actor, blogger, culture revivalist, life coach, teacher, thirsty learner, and senior leader of The Sanctuary Church in Davenport, IA.  In my “spare time” I am sort of a golfer, graphic artist, and hopefully a decent full time friend.  The love and overwhelmingly best support and life partner is my wife, Karen.

  • Scravi

    Hello Gary,

    My fist time here. Like what you wrote about piercings. I had my left ear pierced about 3 years ago for the very reason of being Christ’ bond servant. I did NOT want to do it and had a real struggling match with God about it until I heard His still small voice say to me, “Would you do it if I just plainly wanted you to do it?” – I was all ears from then on – We’ll, O-K, maybe just one ear then. I’m also a full-time stateside missionary.