Adjusting Expectations To Limitations

limitationsRecognizing our limitations is one thing.  Adjusting our expectations to the size of our limitations is another.  Doing so limits life to a “safe zone” that isolates us.  Our relationship with God become stunted.  Our potential joys in life become diluted and luke warm.  Isn’t it time for an “Expectations Makeover”?

The Truth About Recognizing Our Limitations

We are God’s workmanship (Greek:  Poema = English: Poem).  As such we are all creative works of God’s artistry.  That means we are not all created equal.  Each of us have a different set of tools in our tool chest.  Differing and often unique talents, gifts, and passions.  My paint brushes will not look like your paint brushes.  My color palette will complimentary to yours.

Not all of us should be attempting to do the same things in the same ways as each other.  And truth be told, we can’t.  I can’t do what you can do, and vice versa.  Therefore, it’s significantly important that we allow ourselves and each other to major on our own strengths.  God designed us perfectly to get His job done, and our joy complete.

However, to adjust what we expect in life to the measure of our own set of limitations or the condition of our current circumstances is a critical error.

Expectations In Flux

Personal expectations are always in flux.  They vary on a daily basis (sometimes hourly) depending on the following:

  1. Our Own Inner Critic
    The voice that chats us up pointing out our weaknesses and “foolish” hopes.
  2. The Words of Others
    Often the limiting words of others and your own inner critic reenforce each other by working in concert.  By the way, these words are always masked in coats of supposed “common sense.”

Potential Is The Correct Focus

If you’ve been trapped inside the boundaries of perceived limitations, it will be a battle to break free.  But, the consistent fight is worth it.


  1. You already have a divinely designed DNA that is absolutely perfect for you and those you will potentially touch.

Secret:  Your specific talents do not come fully developed with batteries included.

  1. We have to increase our God given capacities by learning from those more proficient and we must practice.  Phil Mickelson wasn’t born a fully developed PGA Golf Pro.  He developed the skills God gave him.  The same can be said about any field of endeavor.  What’s your passion and gifting?  Work at it.  What are you already good at?  Get better.
  2. The batteries are not included.  In other words, the empowerment is a conscious choice.  Philippians 4:13 says that all things (all things God has appointed for you) are energized through Christ because He has infused us with His power.  According to Luke 11:13, He gives the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him.

The Prayer of Jabez

1st Chronicles 4:10 says that Jabez prayed a simple prayer that God answered.  The first part came in Jabez’ recognition that God’s blessing comes through His hand.  He said, “Lord, Bless me and extend the borders of my tent…”

Isaiah. 54:2, “Enlarge the space for your tent, extend the curtains of your dwelling; do not hold back, lengthen your cords, make your tent pegs firm.”

It’s time to adjust our expectation to the measure of God’s Potential.  The limitations you may be experiencing, more than likely, are of your own thinking.  There’s more to life than you’ve known thus far.

Prayer:  “Lord Jesus, this is a new day to discover You and my life in You in new ways.  Forgive me for adjusting my expectations to my perceived (and even realistic) limitations.”  Amen.

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  • gypsy0

    One must live ones limitations or boundaries, but we seldom do.