All Healed? Questions by Gary Ellis

I clearly believe that the culture of heaven includes physical healings.  I have personally experienced large numbers of healings, personally and through my prayers and those of my church, The Sanctuary, in Davenport, IA. 

I don’t believe I’m alone in that belief and experience.  However, it’s my opinion that there are legitimate questions being asked regarding, “Is it God’s will that physical healing be experienced by everyone?”

<A single blog post is far too limited in space to do justice to this important subject.>

First, I believe Christianity went through a few decades where little attention was given to the subject.  Healing, for the Western church, became a subject that was primarily to be addressed by medical science.  It was supposed that God gave us doctors as His “gift” to answer that issue.  I will be the first to say that doctors (as a general category) have usually been a great blessing.  I would also say that I believe the medical field is more about being a gift of God’s mercy rather than THE answer to His chosen “modern” methodology.

Finally, I also believe there have been an abundance of charlatan faith healers and an overly simplistic approach to the subject among many healing believers.

Having said that, it is interesting to me that physical healing seems to flourish – in sometimes extravagant proportions – where there’s an atmosphere of faith being encouraged, taught, and ministered.  Where the teaching and atmosphere doesn’t exist, or where the assumed belief is in medical science as God’s contemporary answer) spiritually initiated healings fall behind.

<I’m going to quickly add that mishandled “healing faith” has produced unfortunate confusion, guilt, and depression in too many>

I believe that healing and health are core values of heaven for at least four reasons:

  1. It’s the way that God designed the human body; to heal itself. And, it is always attempting to do so.
  2. “Gifts of healings” are included in God’s divine tool kit.
  3. It was exampled, overwhelmingly, in the earthly ministry of Jesus.
  4. Believers are commissioned to “heal the sick.”

I also believe it is short sighted to leave the impression that an individual has to experience rapid healing to truly experience and/or represent the ministry of the Kingdom of God.  Instead, I believe that we need to exercise faith in our praying with and for individuals that they will be touched by the character and quality of the Kingdom of God…not just an immediate healing manifestation.  At the same time having an expectation that physical healing could likely be a result.  

Side note:  I believe it is a bit “short faithed” to pray the kind of healing prayers that off load the responsibility onto God.  He is the Healer, but we are the channels.

I have personally been involved in so many situations where there wasn’t a healing manifestation, but the individual clearly felt the embrace of God.  Sometimes that resulted later on in a physical healing being manifest…sometimes not.  As I said to begin with, I’ve personally witnessed a multitude of quick healing manifestations.  I believe God cares about a physical healing touch in a person’s body far more than many give Him credit.  I’ve seen the Lord use physical healings as a vehicle to open a person’s heart….many, many times.  I also believe we do those same people a disservice if we then leave it at that.   

Is it God’s will that all be healed? 

It would seem to some like a very simple question.  I don’t think it is.  I don’t think it is as simple as some sincere folks make it.  I also believe that healing and health (on many levels) is a core value of God’s heart.  <For reasons I listed above….and there are more>

For one, I will teach (in a teachable way) that healing and health is a product of God’s nature.  And, I for one – in wisdom and love – will minister healing and health as important to God.  I will also continue to make it one of my core values, and leave my heart and mind open to be taught increasingly better, more loving, and more powerful ways to do so.












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