All Questions Are Legitimate by Gary Ellis

Too many people (unfortunately and especially Christians) are afraid to question.  Question themselves, things they think they believe…even God, Himself.

In my opinion, the only question that isn’t legitimate is a judgment that’s been put in the form of a question…thus not a real inquiry at all.

The truth is (again in my humble opinion) valid questions are a necessary part of the human mind.  They have the power to bring us to a land of increasing freedom. 

God likes questioning.  It was one of the primary ways that Jesus, Himself, ministered to people.

Sincere questions are not doubts.  They may feel like it at first.  But, they aren’t necessarily doubts.  In fact, from the sincere heart that’s pondering life and liberty in Christ…that’s probing for better answers to important questions, an inquiry is the engine in the pursuit of wisdom.

Let your questions take their stand on this ultimate personal value…trust.  Trust that there are answers that you may never completely discover.  Trust that God is the source of all true wisdom, and that the Lord of Life is not afraid or put off by the sincere questioner.

Seek and you will find is what Jesus says.  So, what is seeking? 

Probing life, the Word of God, and the soul with the kind of questions that aren’t easy to answer.  But, as Jesus says (as it’s translated in the Greek language), “Ask, (keep on asking), Knock (keep on knocking), Seek (keep on seeking)….and YOU WILL FIND.

<What’s the scripture reference for those words, you say?>  If you want to know bad enough…you’ll seek for it. 🙂

Another thing.  When others are questioning you…questioning what you believe….listen.  Don’t listen so that you can defend yourself, but listen so that you can hear what he or she is saying.  Almost always, their questions are legitimate and reflect a heart trying to discover truth.  Don’t blow it.  Ask them to explain what they are feeling or wondering.  And….stop worrying about having to have all the answers….because you don’t.  Usually, they are looking for someone who will respect them enough to hear what they are saying.

There’s a wealth of wisdom to be found out there.  All we have to do is question, seek, knock, ask, pursue…

Happy Hunting!