Amazing Health Discovery by Gary Ellis

Although we’ve known about the reality of “multiple faith prayers” for some time, my wife and I had a fresh experience with it over this past week.  That’s what I’d like to share with you, today:

A year ago this coming May, my wife had surgery for colon cancer.  The last thing she remembers on the surgeon’s table was her right arm being pulled back. It was also being restrained in position that was causing a great deal of discomfort to her right shoulder.

Since then, the surgery was very successful, but her shoulder has been pretty messed up and causing frequent pain.  Her Chiropractor has done monthly adjustments that help in the short term, but only lasts for a short time.

A week ago, Karen said to me, “While I was washing a dish this afternoon, I had a sharp pain in my right shoulder that felt like the ball came out of it’s socket.  Now I can’t raise my arm and most any movement really hurts.”  <This was in exactly the same area where she’s been suffering for the past year.>

Recently, I’ve been teaching our Sanctuary Spiritual Life Class on the subject, “Kingdom Health Care.”  As part of the study, I presented the facts that the primary word for healing in the Old Testament means, “to mend.”  In the New Testament, the word for healing comes from the Greek word – where we get the English word – “therapy.”   So, the Kingdom of God view of healing is basically twofold:

  • To Mend
  • Therapy

Because I have a lightning fast mind (HA!), I agreed with Karen that our spiritual approach to this need would be…

  • Faith filled pray for mending and therapy

(Although we didn’t include physician care this time, it doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t.  There are times when the addition (not only) part of the healing process includes medical and/or counseling care.  But on with this story…)

I laid my hand on her shoulder and neck several times in this past week full of faith each time in God’s truth of mending and therapy.

Each day Karen has testified to increased improvement.  Today she left for a meeting saying, “I washed my hair this morning with that arm.  It feels very good.  I have full mobility.”

Sometimes without even realizing it, sincere sons and daughters of God box their belief into a couple of ideas that may actually be hindering their faith:

  • True healing happens instantly.  In other words, when I actually pray or receive prayer with faith, God will hear.  Then I’ll be instantly healed.
  • If I pray or receive prayer in true faith, I only should pray once.  If nothing seems to happen, I didn’t pray in faith.  I need to try again, or give up and get some other form of help.

Healing is one reality.  Miracles are a different reality.  Don’t mix them up, or it will side track your faith.  Mending and therapy automatically indicate “process of treatments”

Anyone who goes to an physical (or emotional) therapist assumes a span of time.  They also desire and have the right of expectation that the Therapist is going to give each treatment their full attention and skill.  If you are mending something that’s been torn or broken, you logically desire to do each step in the process to the best of your ability.

Therefore, each prayer of mending and therapy can and should be done in full faith realizing it’s a process.  It also logically suggests that mending and therapy prayer can and should likely be administered on multiple occasions.

With this in mind, I am encouraging people to seek out prayers on Sundays on a weekly basis while the mending and therapeutic value is doing it’s job.  If that’s every service for awhile (or quite awhile) do it…..along with various ministry treatments of support in between.

Health and healing is the “childrens bread.”  In my humble opinion, we need a more grace filled, faith filled approach to applying it in practical daily life.

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