An Effective Repentance Trigger


Saying at an altar or in prayer that you are a sinner is not the repentance God speaks of in the Scriptures.  Repentance.  Effective repentance.  That’s what I want to share today.

The classical Greek word, “metanoia” (repentance) meant a change of mind about something or someone.  It’s thinking differently.  As Graham Cooke says, “It’s thinking a better thought.”  Once Latin translations were introduced, repentance was the English translation of the Latin word, paenitentia.  Acts of penance.

The emphasis on acts of contrition may produce temporary results, but remorse is emotion driven.  Without a change in thinking, the hamster wheel effect will result.  Cycles of contrition will be the fruit of daily life.  That’s not what I call effective repentance. 

However, just thinking righteous thoughts doesn’t guarantee righteous acts.  So, how does one discover life changing repentance?

The process of true, authentic repentance contains the idea of actions based on right thinking.  Let me share with you what I discovered as an effective “trigger” that right thinking into right living.

The simple phrase:  “In this moment, with this temptation, I make a better choice. 

I Make A Better Choice…

Instead of “hand to hand combat” with the temptation.  Instead of vowing to not give in, I take the route of making a better choice instead of fighting a defensive battle.  I go on the offense.

I actually wrote about this not long ago, but I’m saying it again, here, with a different approach.  It’s past time that we got off of the defense and on to the offense.  It’s time to rule in life with positive, righteous actions.

Wha-da-ya-think?  Does this help?  Let me know.