Are You A Black Sheep? by Gary Ellis

Do you think of yourself as a “black sheep?”  Do you see others as “black sheep?”

Did you know that Jesus is the Great Shepherd of not only the white, but also the black sheep?

What does that mean for you?


  • Destinyrunner99

    You know the first thing coming to my mind is to ask, 1. how do black sheep differ from white sheep (other than color of wool)  2.  Does the different color of wool have any special properties or attributes?  3. Do the sheep themselves have different “personalities”?  God made them different for a reason…..what are the reasons?   Good research.  

  • Anonymous

    Or one more question.  Did God make each black sheep and each white sheep purposely black or white.  Or, did He design the possibilities that sheep could be either black or white (or I’ve seen some brown and spotted ones, too.)  Because He’s God, does that mean He controls the color of every individual sheep by design?  And, does it have to be that way for Him to truly be the God Who is intimately involved in His creation?  Many like to think that “God-ness” means absolute control of every detail of life and living.  I’m pretty sure I disagree.