Are You An Information Junkie?

An information junkie is, typically, a great guy or gal with wonderful dreams and desires for life.  Probably not unlike you and me.

They know that information is power.  At least, that is what they’ve heard…and that’s what they believe.  That’s true enough…sorta.

So you’re half-way there…

Information is power… when it’s acted upon!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got “tons” of good stuff (much of it unopened or half read) on topics that will connect you with your dreams and desires in life.  Not much power there…except the power to gather dust.

And, oh yea, the power to trick me into thinking I’m closer to achieving my desire simply by virtue of the fact that I have all that good information close at hand (er, I think so…although I’m not totally sure anymore what I actually have….or how it might be relevant.)

So, what do I do to start converting the information to power?

  • Get off the “I’m gunna do this, and I’m gunna do that” treadmill…
  • Admit (outloud), “I’m an information junkie and my first gunna is to get straight
  • Take the time to make a priorities list of the things you consider the most important for you…
  • Pick the top 3 and “parking lot” the rest (ie: “parking lot” means don’t destroy but give a much lower level of priority)
  • Intentionally focus on the 3 (This will take practice…remember you’re being delivered from an addiction to information)
  • Form action habits within your top 3 priority list.  It will not take as long as you think to start forming healthy habits once you start acting on something

Remember:  Information with Action is Power!  You can do it! 🙂