Are You Living in the Shadow of Yesterday You?

shadows02xIt may sound noble.  It may sound honest.  It may sound spiritual.  But it’s not. 

What’s not noble, honest, or spiritual?

Living in the shadow of yesterday you.

It’s easy.  In fact probably one the easiest things you’ll ever do.  Remembering.  Calling to mind.  Mentally rehearsing…the ill advised, silly, foolish, sinful, dumbness that used to be you…even if it was literally only yesterday.  Focused on that will not solve anything.  At all.  In fact, it’s negative weight will keep increasing until you can’t think straight with the mind of Christ.

It may sound noble.  It may sound honest.  It may sound spiritual.  But…nope.  Not so much.

When you do that, it’s really how you’re measuring yourself now.  It’s covering your mental, emotional life with a dripping grey cloud.  It’s blocking true faith from flowing in your life.

It’s like living in the valley of the shadow of death.

Instead you have every right to be living in the hope, joy, and strength of Jesus’ shadow.

Instead of being depressed by your past, be impressed with what Jesus has done for you.  Focus your attention on the shadow of His favor.  Be impressed by the shadow of your own potential because of the NOW YOU in Christ.

As you and I become more and more impressed by His shadow over our lives, the life of His Spirit flows from us and casts a healing shadow on ours and other’s circumstances.

If you’re choosing a shadow to honor, choose His….right here.  Right now.

If this has been helpful, share it.  Let it’s shadow light upon the thoughts of your friends.  Thanks!