As I Ought? by Gary Ellis

“This way is right.”

“That thing is wrong.”

“You’re responsible to…”

“You should be”

If you’re like most any sincere person on the planet, you’re bombarded with “Oughtas” that aren’t really filling you with hope and anticipation.  Instead, the weight of “what we oughta be doing, thinking or saying” is a burden of despair and frustration rather than a blessing of health, hope, and freedom.

Opinions abound….not from crackpots…but from those you respect.  If it was easy to dismiss the “advise” being touted, it wouldn’t affect us the way it does.  But, we respect the source(s).  We’ve learned and been blessed by their counsel and insight.  So we try to take it all in and apply it.  Along the way, of course, we think we “see clearly” where we aren’t measuring up.

Time to take a breath.  Not any old breath, but a “Selah” breath – a refocusing on God inside breath.

Romans 8 is a great chapter.  I highly recommend giving the words contained therein time to slowly soak over your soul.  The concluding verses sound much like conditions today and they remind us that nothing will separate us from the love of God…NOTHING!  You see, “oughtas” have a strange way of affecting us with feelings that we are only cared for IF we are measuring up…..which we feel we know, in those moments, that we’re not.

Earlier in the chapter, Paul says, “When you don’t know how to pray as you ought, the Holy Spirit makes intercession…”

I believe you can substitute [without doing any violence to the intent] the phrase “approach my responsibilities…my daily life” in place of the word pray.  Why that’s “legal” is that prayer is a way of saying “connecting to God about my life.”  Unless a person is purposely disconnected from any care or concern about God in his or her life, he or she is “praying” (wanting right connection with God) in this whole process whether specific “prayer words and postures” are being taken or not.

Time for a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Selah Saint) between you and God.  Rest in Him.  When and as it’s time for you to activate along any specific path, you will be motivated within.  And, you are equipped, or He wouldn’t activate you.  Don’t worry about making sandwiches He isn’t asking you to make.

In my personal belief system, I put a lot of weight on letting Holy Spirit carry the weight by praying often in the Spirit (tongues).  Not as a religious ritual, but as taking frequent daily breaths.