As It Is In Heaven

As it is in heavenWhat does “as it is in heaven” look like?  I believe that there would be great benefit to our faith, if we would do more pondering on phrases included in the prayer taught by Jesus. 

Kingdom Characteristics Revealed

As we are awakened to God’s Kingdom desires for the earth, we discover a great deal by considering the phrases of the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples.

We’ve Been Taught Many Things

In the past several years, I have come to appreciate the “power teachings” of movements known as “Word of Faith,” and “Revival Culture.”  A good awakening has taken place regarding the aspects of mental, emotional, and physical health being for the “now” of our lives and not simply heaven’s atmosphere in the future.

NDE Testimonies

For the past few years I’ve put time and research into what’s been termed “Near Death Experiences” where people often die physically (near death being experiences “near to” AFTER rather than before).

The vast majority of these testimonials talk about the feelings of overwhelming love and acceptance.

As I’ve Been Pondering the Kingdom on Earth

If we are praying that God’s Kingdom would manifest on earth as it is in heaven, then would it not logically follow that the earthly expression of God’s Kingdom would be the increasing reality of …

….Overwhelming Love and acceptance.

The Primary Manifestation

The primary manifestation that God’s Kingdom is present in our lives and activities is the experience and motivation of love for one another.

I don’t mean the “Hallmark Card” warm fuzzy variety…although there are certainly warm feelings inseparably involved.   I mean the “lay down your life” CROSS reality with one another.  Not only for friends…but even those considered to be enemies.

A Faith People

This leads me to believe that true operational faith does not come from how many scriptures verses you declare over your situations, etc.  But…


Ask for an increase in your life of Holy Spirit produced “God Style” unconditional love.  According to the scriptures, it is love that motivates our faith.

Like the song says, “What the world needs is love.”   Not just any love, but the overwhelming love and acceptance that God IS.


Seek as your highest priority of life, God’s reality and expression of Kingdom LOVE.