Atheism vs. Science by Gary Ellis

Does Atheism and Science really agree?  Not really.  A person cannot be a true Atheist and a pure Scientist at the same time.

Why?  How can that be?  Isn’t that one of the major arguments an Atheist points to…rests their case upon?

I don’t believe a true Christ follower should ever use questions as weapons of debate.  In reality any communication we use as a weapon doesn’t work…not really.

In my opinion, communication between one who is a Christian and a person who considers him or herself to be an Atheist (or any other inclination) should not be combative.  Instead the questions should be for the purpose of encouraging thought.

So, here’s a thought provoker:

An Atheist does not believe in a higher power personality.  One that supersedes natural laws and was the fountain that created what is.
Fundamental to pure Science is the assertion that ANYTHING IS…HAS TO BE…POSSIBLE.

Therefore, to be a pure scientist in thought demands that we have to be open to any possibility.  So, at most, to be Atheistic and Scientific at the same time demands that a person actually be an Agnostic.

Just food for thought.