Prophetic Word: Week of March 3, 2019

This is the Prophetic word in the style of an inspired psalm originally for The Sanctuary, Davenport, IA congregation. However, it has also a wider audience of encouragement for those who so choose:


There is a land of delight-filled rest where we can find our place. It’s hidden in our inner parts; The secret, quiet space.

It’s our temple of deepest worship, the courtyard of highest praise. Eden’s garden of pleasure. The fountain of every Grace.

It’s a treasure of God’s fullness, freely given for each new day. It’s the place of healing stillness where we enjoy Him face to face.

Eden’s garden has always existed, it’s been there from the start. It’s God’s fingerprint on earth, the expression of His heart.

Surrounded by Earth’s paradise, Adam flourished, he and she
To deception then they listened, causing them to flee

False promises of wisdom to know all right from wrong
“You don’t need God,” the hiss proclaimed. They listened to it’s song.

The home they once enjoyed now filled with thorns and sweat
A garden of great abundance now changed to deep regret.

But Sweet Singer, Rose of Sharon, Son of David came to man. Emanuel, God with us, was now His awesome plan.
The fingerprint of God on earth, the pleasures of His heart
Could once again be realized, God’s plan from the very start.

The garden of His pleasure, a place of wrongs made right,
His landscape is within us, His love our great delight.
There is no greater pleasure than to find the Christ within
It is the garden of fresh delights for all who will enter in.


May the blessing of His Presence be yours,

Gary Ellis

Prophetic Word: Week of February 24, 2019

The following is a prophetic word of Holy Spirit counsel for the week of February 24, 2019. The original intent is for The Sanctuary Church, Davenport, IA. However, it also has value to the extended Body of Christ. Consider these words of prophecy as they may apply to you:


Let it be declared,
Let it be known,
Let it be understood,
Let it be experienced, says the Spirit of Christ,
Who abides and is at work within you:

I will never abandon you, nor ever give up on you,
I will never ignore you, nor ever disregard what burdens you.
I will never chide you nor discount you,
I will never berate you nor ever revile you.

You will always be the object of my affection,
My favor surrounds as your shield of protection.

You can count on our relationship,
You can depend on my love for you.
You can rest on my promises,
I will always be there for you

Above all else,
Beyond all of life’s circumstances,
Keep your heart in mine as I keep my heart in yours.

Abandon the worries that assail you,
Ignore the dread in your thoughts,
Silence the stress that berates you,
Give attention to my hope in your heart,

Let it be declared,
Let it be known,
Let it be understood,
Let it be experienced, says the Spirit of Christ,
Who abides and is at work within you:

You can count on our relationship,
You can depend on my love for you.
You can rest on my promises,
I will always be there for you.


May His Grace Be Your Abundant Portion,

Gary Ellis

Prophetic Word: Week of February 17, 2019

The following is an a prophecy word of encouragement for The Sanctuary congregation of Davenport, IA.  It is also a word that may quicken within other’s hearts and so it is posted it here:


I AM waiting on you to wait on me, says the Lord.
I AM waiting on you to be set free.

I AM waiting for you to see my face.
I AM waiting for you to know my embrace.

I offer myself in your hour of trial.
As you look to me, you’ll find no denial.

As you lean close enough that you feel my heartbeat,
You’ll experience my love that knows no defeat.

The solution to your dilemma is closer than you think.
Giant defeating wisdom is within your heart’s reach.

But trusting in your ability to figure it all out
Has caused a separation and built a wall of doubt.

I AM waiting for you to wait for me.
I AM waiting for you to be set free.

You set the time; you establish the pace,
You run your race by self-effort or My grace.

Beware of many distractions that tempt you here and there,
They’ll lead you from our secret place and fill your mind with care.

Because of love I’ve made my choice. For me, there’s no confusion.            I’ve chosen to make my home in you; in this, I’ve no illusion.

So, my child…

I AM waiting on you to wait on me.
I AM waiting on you to be set free.


May this be a week of realizing God’s Presence,

Gary Ellis

Prophetic Word: Week of February 10, 2019

The following is a word of wisdom inspired by the Holy Spirit to encourage, build up, and comfort the Sanctuary family in Davenport, IA.  However, it is also true for anyone who chooses to hear it.  For that reason it is posted here:


“I call you to enter My resting, says the Lord, because it is the place of My glory and blessing. It is your shelter in the time of storms, It is your refuge where nothing can harm.

When the storms of life threaten to undo you, and surrounding stresses begins to unglue you;

Know this: I AM here.
Be sure of this: I AM available.

I will not abandon you.
I cannot forsake you.
That would be My self-abandonment.
That would unravel the atonement.

Know this: I AM here.
Be sure of this: I AM available.

We are one together. We are one forever.
I AM your reality. I AM your source of victory.
I AM your wisdom for battle. I AM your solution in trial.

Then where were you yesterday, you say in sorrow?

Available, as always, for today and for tomorrow.

Turn your eyes now to Jesus; look to where He abides.
Let His life be your truth. Let His ways be your guide.

It’s for the storm that the promises are given,
It’s during battle when God’s glory is proven.

Know this:  I AM here.
Be sure of this:  I AM available.

Turn your eyes now to Jesus; look to where He abides.
Let His life be your truth. Let His ways be your guide.


God’s grace overflow in your life,

Gary Ellis

Prophetic Word: Week of February 3, 2019

There are times when I’m conveying what I believe to be a sense of God’s heart that it comes out in rhyme.  This week’s word is one of those times.  I believe as the Word is meditated, there comes a very personal unfolding of what the Holy Spirit would quicken in individual hearts.  As you read the words, pay attention to how the Spirit may cause thoughts to quicken within you.  The more you consider the words, you will recognize two things:  They agree with the principles of Scripture, and they produce personal and practical ‘aha’ moments for yourself.


I sense the Spirit of the Lord saying, “I call you to know that the yoke of freedom has already been placed upon your shoulders as the crown of royalty has been surely placed upon your head. I invite you to realize; I urge you to recognize that you have already won. I encourage you to identify; I desire that you harmonize with the glory of Christ revealed in The Son.”

“I place a challenge before you. I grant access to fresh water within you. I call you to pay attention to what I say is real, or continue living where the enemy can steal. Drink the fresh water of His grace. It’s your advantage while you’re running the race.”

“I’ve not called you to the wits of your wisdom. I’ve equipped you with the resources of heaven. Let not your weapons lie idle and rust. Take your place as the Snake eats your dust.”

Additional thought:

While I sensed the thoughts above, I was aware that the power of our victories over our daily circumstances, are dependent, in large part, to how we honestly identify ourselves.   There is plenty of ‘evidence’ around us that struggle is the name of our game.  Yet, the Scriptures say that, in Christ, we always start from a victorious finish line.  (The Cross:  “It Is Finished”)

Be Blessed With The Blessing That Is Already Yours By Inheritance!

Gary Ellis

Prophetic Word: Week of January 27, 2019

The following is, I believe, a prophetic word of Holy Spirit counsel for the week of January 27, 2019:

The original intention is for my church, The Sanctuary, Davenport, IA.  However, I believe it has a broader application as and if it ‘quickens’ in your own heart!

“I have told you, says the Breath of Life, that there is a change in the wind close on the horizon, and indeed there is.  I’ve also declared, says the Lord, if you observe what’s happening around you with your eternal eyes, you will perceive My breath and be encouraged with hope.  But, if you see the shifting sands with natural eyes, you will realize nagging discouragement; emptied of hope.

For I call you, says the Father of Lights, to pierce through the darkness with the eyes of your heart.  It is with God’s Kingdom eyes that you are invited to penetrate the dark veil of hopelessness and cynicism. You are called to see the effects of My Spirit’s wind already blowing.

Is it not true, says the Lord of All, that a destructive forest fire begins with a single spark?  Is it not true that the largest of ships are guided by the smallest of rudders?  Discipline the rudder of your inner voice, says the Lord;  Cause its thoughts to guide you to the open waters of My Spirit.  Fan the flame of revival’s smallest spark.  Abandon cynicism.  Quench not revival’s spark with doubt and despair that only sees clouds without rain.  Blow on the tiniest flame with the breath of My Spirit’s optimism and watch the flames grow.  Be not as the followers of Jesus who doubted Him because He was not a Messiah after their own image and prediction.

Know this; You will always see what you are looking at, and you will ultimately find what you are looking for.

I put before you a choice;
A decision to make;
An option you learn to embrace:

See the world’s darkness and experience its heartache,
Or look for My light, and discover the refreshing rains of my reviving.

Fixate on the world’s evils and become trapped by its web of frustration,
Or look with the eyes of My Kingdom, and be partners in finding the solution.

This says the Spirit of Revival to His partnering Sons and Daughters.”


May we all hear and be blessed by His fresh word,

Gary Ellis

Prophetic Word: Week of January 20, 2019

The following is, I believe, a prophetic word of Holy Spirit counsel for the week of January 20, 2019:

The original intention is for my church, The Sanctuary, Davenport, IA.  However, I believe it has a broader application as and if it ‘quickens’ in your own heart!

“It is my joy to help you, says the Spirit of Truth and Grace, to guide you on the path of right knowing and living. As we walk together, I will teach you with purpose and understanding that gives you clear insight and security for the journey ahead. I will reveal the heart of the Father. As He speaks to Me, I will then shine the light of His love and wisdom as it saturates the inner recesses of Your heart. Each place of darkness will give way to the brightness of His life, light, joy, peace, and confidence.

There is a change in the wind very close on the horizon. It is the breath of God and not to be feared. The eyes of the flesh will dread the fork in the road with anxiety and stress. Spirit-guided eyes will perceive the movement as the breath that breathes fresh life and transformation.

For I tell you Children of the Most High, neither the wiles of the evil one nor the schemes of the flesh have ever out-witted, nor out-performed His Eternal Majesty. Have I not said, “If God is for us, who can be against us.” Has He not fed the Servant of the Most High with the Ravens considered, by him, to be an abomination? Has the chaos of deep darkness not been transformed into a creation of light, love, and a garden of abundance by the word of His mouth and vibration of My wings? Do you think the powers of God’s might have diminished since the beginning of time? Do you believe that The cacophony of men’s clamoring has muted his voice?

I say it is time to own your relationship with your Father of Lights and Love. It is time to honor Him with your whole heart. It is time for you to choose this day whom you will serve. Will it be the author of darkness and death…strife and suffering…anxiety and confusion? Or will it be the One who has redeemed you through the life of His Son; The One who transforms children into mature men and women whose greatest delight is in being vessels of His love and life. Have you not been on the sidelines long enough? Is it not time you volunteer to be more than a Kingdom Observer and join the ranks of Kingdom Transformers?

Choose this day – and own that choice – so that you may find your place as Partners of His Grace. Choose this day. Begin to ascend on eagle’s wings and learn to fly above the storm as you also guide your neighbor to safe harbor. Choose this day, and own your choice. You have been uniquely formed and fashioned from your Mother’s womb and the circumstances of life for a time such as this. I do not call you to be a self-accomplished hero. I invite you to make your choice – own that choice – and then humbly learn the ways of The Hero. May you listen and hear the words of the Spirit of Truth and Grace.”

May the Blessings of His Grace Be Yours,

Gary Ellis, Pastor
Sanctuary Church, Davenport, IA.

Demystified Meditation

Meditation may not be what you’ve imagined it is. In my experience, the art of meditation is essential but is also highly misunderstood. It can also become unnecessarily confusing.

Why Meditate?

The practice of Christian meditation finds its roots in the Scriptures. The Bible writers mention the practice of meditation at least 20 times and link it to blessings and the prosperous way.  Seems kind of important, eh?

However, since the early 1700s, the church-world has become heavily influenced by the philosophies that were birthed by, what is known as, ‘The Age of Reason.’

In a nutshell, the idea was that the process of intelligent reasoning was the only vehicle to discover the truth and, therefore, adequately navigate life. Any notion that there is a spiritual dimension for informing reality was rejected. With this belief, the church’s systems of theology, and discovery of spiritual truth became increasingly intellectual, logical, and reason-centered.

As Author and Christian Apologist Josh McDowell has said, “Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean the person checks their brains at the door.”  I agree with Josh. God created human beings with an essential capacity to intelligently and logically reason. We cannot navigate our way through life – or spiritual truth – without it.

The Challenge

However, God also created us in His image and after His likeness with the vital capacity to think with the language of the heart, i.e., the theater of intuition. This stage of reality is nonrational (not to be confused with irrational). In other words, the intuitive heart knows, sees, feels, and senses things that the rational, logical mind does not (and cannot) perceive on its own.

In short, the rational and intuitive minds of the head and the heart must learn to work together.  Without the logical process, the intuitions of the heart would find no practical, constructive, daily focus. Without the intuitive process, though, the rational mind would be deaf, dumb, and blind to the heart of God.  Yes, the logical mind forms and presents important building-block facts; but, those bits of information tend to be sterile and without the ability to add meaning, warmth, and creativity to life. When the rational and nonrational minds learn to become a symphony working together, the quality of one’s life takes on a whole new dimension, and the Scriptures come to life.  It’s then that the breath of heart- intuition breathes into the rational mind and Ezekial’s dry bones rise and walk out of the valley of lifelessness. (Ezekial 37:1-14)

Another Unfortunate Christian Belief

It is my opinion that we need to be discerning as to which beliefs we allow to guide our lives, but this includes the teachings of our churches, as well.  Too many Christians have come to believe that anything they don’t understand – or is beyond the scope of their churches understanding of the Scriptures – is demonic. Too often we’ve focused our teachings on what to believe instead of how to think with wisdom. We’ve raised sincere believers to be fearful rather than wisely discerning.  Our sermons tell the people what is correct belief.  Instead, we need to be teaching people how to study and think through the scriptures with the Holy Spirit as their guide.  With the what to believe mind-set, instead of how to believe the Western Church has developed a ‘Body of Christ’ locked into immaturity and ineffectiveness.

What Comes First?

In some ways, we are faced with a ‘chicken vs. egg’ problem when we ask which comes first. As Educated Western thinkers, we want to break truth down into compartments of testable scientific order. In reality, healthy thinking is a harmony rather than a separation of definitions.

However, it has been my experience that it has been most helpful to allow the intuitive mind to take the lead.

The Challenge

The rational thought process has been the boss for so long, that even in Spirit-based Christianity, logical reasoning has become a long-standing King…even in the process of doctrinal beliefs. The rational thought process of having to connect all the dots, close every loop in thinking, eliminate ‘not knowing,’ and make sense of everything is something that the rational ‘boss’ fights to retain. It doesn’t like, at all, taking the sub-dominate role.

Meditation’s Role

Truth be told, the average person’s rational mind looks and feels more like a cage of drunken monkies on crack. The role of meditation is primarily two-fold: The first phase, whether it’s for 2 minutes, 20 minutes, or longer, is to purposefully disengage with the ‘monkey mind’ Let the thoughts be there. Simply don’t engage with them. Instead, focus your attention on something that doesn’t require deep thought or problem-solving. A very uncomplicated focal point that doesn’t require your logical processor to engage. Instead, let your thoughts be the paying of attention to a word of worship, like ‘Abba,’ or ‘thank you’ to simply the relaxed inhale and exhale of your breathing. Do that until you feel relaxed in mind and body.

Non-Traditional Meditation

You can actually meditate while you are doing dishes, mowing the grass, of shoveling snow. Yep, that’s legitimate. It works. The point is to allow your attention to be focused, for at least a few minutes daily, on a task that doesn’t require energy from your rational mind.

The Second Step

Once you have become relaxed, you can engage with imagining and feeling a scripture passage of the written word. What would it look, feel, sound, and smell like to be ‘within’ the story? But, you don’t always have to engage with the written Word of Scripture to be meditating on the Word. God also speaks to us through His Word of Nature. For example: Take a few moments to consider the beauty (not the scientific chemical complexity) of a leaf. If you’re a new mother, watch your baby breathe while it sleeps. Allow your breathing to harmonize with hers or his. Feel the deep sense of gratitude. Ask God to show you something about yourself as you watch your baby. You can do the same thing as you watch your baby play.

The point is to relax, deep breath, and process with your heart. Ultimately, the brain will also be engaged and help you form the intuitive thoughts that the Holy Spirit is speaking to you.

Christian Revelation

The arena of God’s truth is so vast that limiting it to the size of our intellectual capacities to understand is ludicrous. We need, what the Apostle Paul calls, ‘revelation.’ If you prefer the term ‘illumination,’ then use that description. Without the eyes of our heart seeing much deeper than the eyes of our human logic, we are chained to the Sunday School theology of a seven-year-old. In fact, in my opinion, that’s the problem with the average Christian and Church today. Holy Spirit wants to reveal so much more of God’s heart, but we’ve willingly, or inadvertently shoe-horned our faith into the boxes of human design and understanding.

There’s more. So.much.more! And in knowing the truth more thoroughly, you’ll discover His freedom more wholly.

What method of meditation is for you? The one you can make a consistent habit of. The one that is not an occasional hobby but a routine like putting on your pants.

The Art of consistent meditation is the doorway of a fresh new world of wisdom and wonder.


Prophetic Word: Week of January 13, 2019

The following is, I believe, a prophetic word of Holy Spirit counsel for the week of January 13, 2019:

The original intention is for my church, The Sanctuary, Davenport, IA.  However, I believe it has a broader application as and if it ‘quickens’ in your own heart!

To those of my Children who are of mind and heart to receive it, says the Spirit of Grace, we are in a time of great and wonderful transition from the heaviness and confusion of lack to a fresh abundance of life in and with Me.

This week I point, again, to the need for “letting go” of those opinions, beliefs, and attitudes that hinder you from realizing the living power of My peace, joy, patience, and wholeness. It is for freedom found in God’s Kingdom that Jesus came and gifted you with grace.

Holding on to the things I call limitations, clouds the vision of your spiritual eyes, and distorts the truth that I have called you to believe.

I do not hold on to your sins. I’ve let them go into the infinite distance between east and west. The only judgment they have over your life is that which you continue to grant. You hold yourself into the destructive pits of stress, anxiety, and despair with your own self-forged chains.

The chains of bitterness and offense, with which you hold others, is of your own making as well. But, the salvation that breaks those chains is by the powerful oil of my grace. Your natural efforts to let go and forgive yourself and others are ineffective. The chains remain.

Call upon the Spirit of Grace for the oil and power of His forgiveness, so that you may enjoy the release that has kept you stuck and bound to anger, shame, grief, and self-judgment for yourself and your neighbor. As you experience the saturating power of my grace, you will give me the honor for doing what you could not.

The house of my abundant love is built upon the foundation stones of ‘letting go’ and forgiving. It is a house that no circumstance in life is able to destroy. It is the cornerstone that sets all other stones in order. Forgiving and letting go is the plumb line that assures your crooked places will become straight. Receive my power to forgive and let go, and enjoy the living abundance of life that is your inheritance. Thus says the Spirit of Grace to those He dearly loves.

Blessings of His Grace Be Yours,

Gary Ellis

Prophetic Word: Week of January 6, 2019

The following is, I believe, a prophetic word of Holy Spirit counsel for the week of January 6, 2019:

The original intention is for my church, The Sanctuary, Davenport, IA.  However, I believe it has a broader application as and if it ‘quickens’ in your own heart!

I saw an Open Hand:  And the Spirit of God said,  “Let them go.  Let go of the people, things, attitudes, opinions, and emotions that are not helping you achieve God’s peace and joy in your life.  Let God have all of those desert places.  In so doing – and to the same extent that your hand opens up and let’s go – you will be able to experience the open hand of God in your life this week.”

Making It Personal:

There will be people, things, opinions, situations that will immediately jump to mind as you read the prophetic word.  Those impressions are God making it personal to you.

Blessings of His Grace Be Yours,

Gary Ellis