Avoid Identity Theft by Gary Ellis

Have you been a victim of identity theft?  Have you been robbed of your riches?

Identity theft is on the increase in today’s world of technology.  It is highly likely that you or someone you know has suffered this injustice.  Many times the results are catastrophic.

Now, let me ask the question another way.  Are you suffering from spiritual identity theft and don’t even realize it?  Have you been robbed of your resources in Christ Jesus?

Spiritual identity theft is at pandemic proportions among multitudes of sons and daughters of God.

Jesus Christ made a new identity possible for all those who trust in Him for it.  He established that identity in the highest court in the universe.  Perhaps you met the requirements by simply asking Him for it.

All is well, right?  Not so much.

The thing is…the fresh, clean, powerful identity given to you by heaven (by being born again) must be protected like any valuable asset!

You see…your enemy knows that if you maintain your new identity, you are unstoppable.  In your Christ Identity you are invincible, unbeatable, indestructible.

Will you have to face the fires of life?  For sure!  Will you find yourself on some craggy cliff hanging out over a dangerous deep canyon?  You bet!  Will weapons be formed against you?  Absolutely!  Will potential  failures attempt to stare and glare you down?  Yes…at least if you leave your comfort zone and go where the eagles fly!

In the reality of life in today’s world, the cacophony of confusion and potential catastrophe looms around nearly every corner.  However, because of your own personal, pure, powerful identity in Christ Jesus…absolute victory is totally assured…unless…

You’ve forgotten your identity!  You can’t leave home without it, or you’ll be duped into believing you are less than you are.  Remember…

It’s your identity that gives you power
It’s your identity that gives you purpose
It’s your identity that gives you favor

It’s not who others say you are.  It’s not who the devil says you are.  It’s not who past failures say you are (even if past is yesterday).  It’s not who you guess at who you are.  Guessing at your identity is like trying to nail jello to a tree on a hot day.  It won’t hold.

It’s who God says you are.  And He says it all over the pages of the Bible.  It’s no longer a secret.  It used to be…but no longer.  Paul says the secret has been revealed.  Read Colossians (Slowly drink it in).  Read Romans 8 (Soak in and savor the words until you’re saturated by the truths).  That’s just for starters.  The whole of scriptures is waiting to me mined for it’s inexhaustible treasure.

Identity theft is a crime of catastrophic proportions.  And, it’s primary victims are the multitudes of Christians that wander through life without peace, or purpose. They’ve forgotten who they really are….if they ever truly knew.

Who are you?


  • Connie Hill

    Wow Gary this is great! I just gave this same message on a conference call Tuesday morning for work. Here’s the example God gave me (in remembrance of Greece): We have the authority in this earth like the police have authority on the job. When police see a riot break out, they have the power to bring peace. What would it be like if the police hid from the riot among the rioters? Many times we act like that~ instead of using the power given to us by our position (& identity) we hide among the world and don’t use what God gave us to affect our world. It is sad ~ but we need to build each other up in the Lord & put each other in remembrance of JUST WHO WE ARE! ~ ~ Thank you for sharing this.

    • Gary

      Thank you for your response, Connie. We often “are aware” of realities like, “Our Identity in Christ,” but there’s a difference in being “aware” and “knowing”…being intimate with…living consciously in the reality of… We are in desperate need of more life style truth and less acceotable academic sound bytes “thinkings.”