Awakening To His “Voice”

Hearing-God-400x400Awakening to God’s Kingdom is awakening to the idea that He actually speaks to us.

God is not a dictator.  He is our Heavenly Father.  You may quickly agree with that…as a statement.  However, a great many Christians have more of a dictator relationship with Him, than a Father relationship.

A Relationship

When I was growing up, it was common to hear the question, “Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus.”  And yet, what was actually meant was, “Have you prayed the sinners prayer so that when you die you will go to heaven instead of hell.”

Trusting Jesus work on the Cross on our behalf is vitally important.  But it is not the substance of a relationship.  Forgiveness is the doorway we have to go through to get to a relationship.  It is not the relationship, itself.

Communication Is Key

Healthy communication is key to a healthy, growing relationship.  That is not only true in human relationships;  but it is an absolute in your relationship with God.   Without communication, there is no relationship.  The most severe punishment of all in a prison system is solitary confinement.  In a human relationship, the way spouses or friends punish each other is to “freeze each other out.”   Stop talking.  Stop communicating.

If You Want a Relationship With God

If your desire is to come awake to God’s Kingdom, then you first have to come awake to God, Himself.  He knows you.  Everything about you.  He wants to communicate with you on a regular basis.  That is not something that is reserved for special people.

Engage yourself in learning to hear Him through the variety of ways He speaks today.

It is quite amazing how that desire will actually attract His voice to you.  But first, you must determine that daily, personal, two-way communication with God is intensely important.

Seek as your highest priority the Kingdom of God by making your highest priority the desire to communicate with Him.

Don’t assume any longer it’s for the select few when the fact is that hearing, knowing, and enjoying Him is for YOU!

Not just hearing about Him.  But, actually hearing Him…for yourself!