Awesome Cemetery Treasure

There’s awesome treasure buried in the soil of our city’s cemeteries.  The fortune I speak of is all of the unfulfilled potential lying beneath each tombstone.  The riches of many men and women’s – boy’s and girl’s – lost possibilities would stagger the imagination.  More specifically consider these – just to name a few:

  • Authors of books that were never written and read
  • Powerful songs that were never composed and sung
  • Great businesses that were never launched
  • Inspired ministries that were never started
  • Great women who died as prostitutes
  • Awesome men who died as drug addicts
  • Multitudes of other potentials

We need to be aware of the thief.  He masquerades in all kinds of forms and thoughts.  His plan is to stop the great potential God has placed in all of us to fulfill the “good works” DNA God has deposited within us. Be encouraged.  Pursue God.  Dream.  Act.  Be Confident to press forward.

What potentials do you believe are buried in the cemetery near you?  At the top of this post is a place to comment.  Please do and add valuable insight to our conversation.   If you haven’t done so, yet, Please subscribe by RSS or email.  Your email address will never be sold.   You may enjoy some great prayer music videos by selecting the YouTube button.


  • Donna Blundell

    Remember the vision I had of bundles on the floor of Heaven? Asking Holy Spirit what they were, He explained they were abandoned prayers. Prayers prayed and forgotten, or hope lost, or faith failed. They would have been answered but the people grew weary and abandoned them before they came forth!

    The same sort of thing…….they are just buried in a different type of cemetery.

    • Yep, I do remember, Donna. And you are exactly right.

  • Deborah Iliff

    A friend of mine in ministry, who is not a crier, stopped her car next to a cemetary once and wept. When she asked the Holy Spirit why she was weeping, His answer was “For the giftings and callings that went to the grave.” We can’t waste a minute can we?

  • Deb, I am so glad your gifts and callings didn’t go to the grave. Keep searching your depths in God.