Baal Arch Canceled

Baal Arch CanceledAwakening to God’s Kingdom recognizes and activates the power of God’s Kingdom.  The more confidence God’s children have in His Kingdom instead of the kingdoms of this world’s cultures, the more God’s Kingdom will be realized in the earth.

Where Do You Have Actual Faith

As Believers, many talk a great game.  They truly have confidence.  Unfortunately they have more confidence in the ability of the evil around them to prevail, than do they believe in the power of God’s Kingdom to prevail in their circumstances.

The Call For Prayer

When many sincere people call for prayer, they realize it more as a necessary religious exercise of duty than as an invited release of God’s power.  They say prayers because, after all, that’s what we do, right?  But, in the saying of the prayers, their focus is still on the “probability” that things will not actually change.  They feel “justified,” in a sense, because they know that evil and end times go together like eggs and bacon.  So, there are really mixed messages going on between their hearts and their heads.

But, Praise God!  There are still many people who actually believe that God’s Kingdom in the earth can be realized through heart felt prayers of faith in God and His Kingdom.

The Baal Arch Construction

It was widely reported and plans were in full swing to erect replicas of the Arch of the Temple of Bel (Baal) in New York and London.  This was to take place this month (April 2016)

Probably multiplied thousands of believing Believer’s prayed believing prayers against it.   And, it came to light a few days ago that those plans had been canceled for both New York and London. 

Coincidence???  I think not!!!

It is important to keep interceding for the United States, because the “spirit of Baal” still prevails.  But, believing prayers of faith in the power of God’s Kingdom also prevails for those who will exercise it.

I encourage us all to pray…but with even more confidence in God than in prevailing evil.

“If My people who are called by my Name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their {own} wickedness, I will hear from heaven and I will heal their land.”  2 Chron. 7:14

Is that a real promise, or a political one?   I believe it’s real!!


  • Richard Joseph Boucher

    Thx God for His work. I state, that all Evil form is a direct offense to our Constitution. Our Constitution stand because of rules that were previously establish by our ancestor at the cost of their blood for society structure at actually works. Yet, I m not a citizen but I m planning on doing so to stand and to fight for what was and should remain. My grand father served in the Navy at WW2 and my father in vietnam. Now here I Am, I surely can no longer walk. But i can speak of many sense and will fight for what feels the right thing to do for that country that I Love. Why the Constitution ? Is to establish a structure that leads to an organized society on each individual as the same right as any other. But My freedom Stop, when yours is violated. That’s why I state that any type of Evil for is Anti Constitutional. Why that ? Satan is that father of Anarchy and Chaos. he is the responsible for all our lost and our misery, he is the author of destruction and depravity. If we let that Arch in, there is no point on that wonderful constitution that “We The People” have worked so hard to preserve over the ages. I declare that this Arch and all Satanism is anti constitutional and goes against our right and the United States Constitution. The Evil that was put down should remain that way and move toward a more positive and constructive future. I will keep writing and fighting in my way for what we have built, and please God help us.