Beating Frustration (3)

Frustrated?  Kiss a dog!  Okay, maybe not literally.  As I was looking for a picture to illustrate this third post on the subject of beating frustration, I saw this and it tickled me….then, I went and vomited in my wastebasket.  <but I digress>  I actually have a helpful point to make….so please read on…

Here’s the deal dude.  You have to “lighten up” a little….maybe a whole lot.  One of the big causes of your frustration is taking everything too seriously.

“But what’s going on in my life IS serious,” you say.  Okay, let me fine-tune what I said a smidge.  Ready?

One of the big causes of your frustration is taking YOURSELF too seriously.

Here are some facts:

  • Your way isn’t always the right way.
  • Your opinion isn’t always the right opinion…or even the truth.
  • Success in this thing (you fill in the blank) doesn’t really depend on you having all the answers
  • Success in this thing (you fill in the blank) doesn’t depend on you doing all the work
  • Everyone else but you are not incompetent or uncommitted
  • God isn’t expecting everything from you that you are expecting of yourself

That’s just a starter list.  What do you think could be added to that list?  Please comment.

The point:  It’s been too much about you for too long.  You’ve become friends with the spirit of stupid and it’s giving you an ulcer and keeping you locked in a prison of frustration.

Simple Solution (although it will take a lot of practice and refocus on Whom (that would be God) that you are actually trusting for your life:

  • Intentionally off load the weight of your trust from your own shoulders to His.
  • Intentionally honor those around you…all of them…(at least in your heart, but also verbally) with anything and everything that can be honored and appreciated.

Actively and intentionally trusting God is a HUGE thing.  In fact the degree of frustration you feel is a good meter on where your honest trust is placed.  And, purposely looking for good and honoring it in those around you is far and away
more important than you can imagine.  You may be surprised how much power it has to quench your frustration and release their potential.

The time to start is now….unless, of course, your way has been working out for you.

Btw…this includes your approach to spiritual growth because too many Christians take themselves too seriously regarding their spirituality.  And, that’s not spiritual…it’s religiosity.  But, that’s for another article.