Believe With Your Feet

The phrase, “Believe With Your Feet” just popped into my mind. In my point of view, the author of that metaphor was the Holy Spirit.  

I believe that a person who believes with their feet are the most authentic Believers.

It actually doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know where this is headed.  Afterall, that’s a picture that lighted on my imagination…and I’m no rocket scientist.

To believe with one’s feet is putting a picture to the idea of “walking out” what one sees and affirms with in their heads.  

The truth is:

Agreeing with the most theological, most scriptural, most studied out, deepest statement of God’s “verily” own truth is void of authentic value until…

It has feet on it.

But once we believe with our feet, we begin walking a new, exciting, wonderful, beautiful, terrifying, life changing, life giving…LIFE.

Today, I invite you to begin (or continue) “Believing With Your Feet.”