Better Than McMuffins

Better Than McMuffins ThumbnailI like a good McMuffin sandwich for breakfast.  In fact, I often make something similar for myself in our own kitchen.

As much as I like them, I really enjoy things like steak ‘n eggs, a great “kitchen sink” omelets, etc.


I’ve discovered that I’ve too often settled for a McMuffin relationship with the Lord, when much more is promised and available. 

Reading the scriptures we see that so much of His life with us has food, tasting, and dining experiences as metaphors.  I’m pressing on for the gourmet relationship in increasing measure this year.  That’s what He wants.  That’s what I want.

Here’s a short video clip that goes a little deeper on the subject:

Before you watch remember to make your comments below. What is your experience like? Do you want to improve it? How are you going to proceed?

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