Bigger Fish To Fry

If a person doesn’t “see,” they don’t “see.”  It doesn’t matter how good (in your opinion) your argument is.  To believe otherwise is, in itself, a form of blindness.

We are all layered mentally and emotionally with a multitude of invisible biases.  We came by them in many ways through our growing up.  Everything we believe consciously has filtered through those pre-set biases.

We recently have seen a perfect example of that in the election process.  People…good people…sincere people were arguing from both sides of the political fence.  They listened (or not so much) through their bias.  They also argued through their bias…even in the truth things that were stated.

The Bible records a multitude of “abundant life” promises.  We stand on them.  We quote them.  We “believe” them.  However, our actions and emotions often betray our real inner convictions.

(That, btw, is how you know what a person really believes.  Their actions, and their emotions)

The country is polarized, now, perhaps more than ever in our history.  Good people are saying dumb things.  Unhelpful things.  Crazy things.  Many are also speaking words of hope in God…but not telling people practical ways to get there.

To tell the truth, a root issue is found in going back to the beginning of political systems.  There we find God’s attitude in 1 Samuel 8:

  • The people demanded a King that they could see to rule over them
  • God said they were rejecting Him with that demand
  • He told them what the results of a visible King would be
  • He added that in the day of their frustration over their leader, they would pray to Him and He would not answer.

Not answer!?  What!?  God always answers faith believing prayer, right?

Right and wrong.

If the prayer is according to His will.  I John says, “This is the confidence we have in Him that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us and we have that which we’ve desired of Him.

We CAN know His will…at least on the basic issues of life.  We find His will regarding national leadership in I Samuel 8.  He permitted Man’s desire….

But it wasn’t His will to turn to a King they could see, touch, and hear…instead of following Him.

But…I can have it both ways!

In my opinion you can’t.  Now, I am NOT suggesting insurrection.  We will continue to have a “King” ruling with his cabinet.  That is the way it is in the American…and other systems.  We are given responsibilities in our support of them.  Please don’t read abandoning our form of national government as the point.

We’ve got bigger fish to fry:

Instead, I believe we need to learn and re-learn how to live in very practical terms connected to the rule of the Kingdom of God while conducting daily life on planet earth.

Because of so many religious biases, I believe that’s a rather tall order.  Therefore, we need spiritual leaders to arise and practically train people to do that.  We also need for God’s people to seek Him with ALL their hearts.

That is a prayer He will answer.

As we begin running on our knees, we will discover His ways.  (We will begin to really “see”)  We will say, “I once was blind…but now I see.”  True abundance of life will then be found.

Let’s get on with “frying the bigger fish.”

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  • Lawrencefors

    “…I believe we need to learn and re-learn how to live in very practical terms connected to the rule of the Kingdom of God while conducting daily life on planet earth.”
    Gary- This is truly THE GOSPEL in one sentence! Excellent article…you nailed it bro!

  • Thanks Gary. I believe we need to show the world how we can respect the office, even if not the man.  God has allowed it.  So we can show how we can live in a graceful manner instead of bashing people.  We MUST be different! We CAN be greatful for what we have and not grumpy about what we think we needed.  Our God reigns.