Bigger Than Reason by Gary Ellis

Trust is not birthed in the laboratory of “reasonableness.”  Faith won’t be judged in the courtroom of common sense.  

Since we Westerners are products of the “age of reason,” it’s natural for us to make “being reasonable” the cornerstone of our success and the highest attribute of the God we worship.  We don’t call it the highest attribute.  Certainly not!  But in practical reality that’s how we often “measure” Him.

However, if we seriously and conscientiously read the Scriptures, we discover multiplied instances where God does not appear reasonable at all.  Then,
if we add a host of real life experiences from our own stories and the stories of others we know…..well…admit it…there seems to be an unreasonable side to God.  The God who radically and extravagantly loves us.

<Side note:  Now come on.  Let’s be honest.  Haven’t there been times when you’ve taken a “faith stand” and felt very confident that things would turn out the way you wanted them to….and they didn’t?>

Here’s part of the problem.  We hold on to our own thoughts of what we consider to be a reasonable outcome.  We claim our “faith in God” when we’re actually attempting to have or maintain confidence that God’s “reasonableness” jibes with ours.

The Apostle Paul tells us that Abraham hoped beyond hope (Romans 4:18).  Jesus spoke to His disciples at a very unreasonable hour of apparent failure, “You believe in God.  Believe also in me…(John 14:1). 

Trusting actually becomes easier if we release God from “being reasonable” and simply trust the depth, breadth, and width of His love…even when all circumstances seem “unreasonable.”