Bill Johnson On Fasting – by Gary Ellis

“I’m not a good faster. My friends have visions of God, I have visions of hamburgers. The only time I watch the Food Channel is when I’m fasting. It’s pitiful. We did a 40 day fast. I bought 29 cookbooks. I don’t cook, but the pictures! I bought a deep-fryer and we don’t eat deep-fried food!”
– Bill Johnson at “Manifest Presence 2011 Conference”

I love this guy.  He’s so down-to-earth….transparent…open…vulnerable.

Of course, FASTING, is just one facet of the whole life and food issue.  Healthy eating is another.  People I highly respect for their practical spiritual insights come down in very different places on what our diets should consist of.  In fact, recent discussions with one of them sent me on the investigation trail regarding the healthy vs. not healthy investigation.  My friend eats as raw food as possible and her slogan is, “If it has a face or a mother” it shouldn’t be consumed…or at least as little as possible.

My wife, Karen, and I were talking about this today, and I believe she had a good piece of wisdom…as she very often does.  She said, “I don’t think God is as concerned about what we consume as He is about what consumes us.”

We don’t believe that a “Que Sera Sera” (what will be will be) attitude on the subject is healthy.  Taking care of the bodies we’ve been given is an important endeavor.  However, (and you have to be the judge for yourself), if anything consumes your attention to a “tipping point” it’s become an idol.

The “tipping point” in this issue would be where you are consumed with “right eating” to the point that you fear getting sick unless you are obeying the 10 Commandments of Proper Nutrition.  One more quick story that illustrates this:

When my wife was diagnosed with colon cancer (from which she triumphed) we did some significant changes in diet.  We began consuming as little refined sugar as possible.  We ate a lot more fruits and vegetables.  We took supplements (I keep saying “we” because it was also good for me).  And, we began drinking PH based ionized water.  But, we also came to what I called a “tipping point.” 

We found ourselves, at times, out of the good water.  We were going to have to drink “normal” water for 3 days because we couldn’t get the PH water.  A quiver of fear arose within us.  That reaction alerted us to the fact that we’d gone beyond a choice based on health and were slipping into a realm based on fear.  Fear and faith cannot occupy the same space.

My conclusion:  Do your best to learn about and eat as healthy as possible.  I couple that with Karen’s wisdom:  God is less concerned about what we consume as He is about what consumes us.


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  • k9

    This, like your Bill Johnson quote, is honest, practical, applicable and full of wisdom. No 3 point sermon and you’ve instantly cleared up my query regarding the purpose and value of fasting. God bless!