Birthday Pinata Praying

birthday-pinata-thumb11059558Is it possible (or probable) that the lack of tangible results from our prayers are not because of the reasons we often give?

The purpose of this article is to help us get to a better place rather than me being a less than helpful smart alec.

Is it possible that the solutions are simpler than we’ve realized?  I think so.  However, I also believe that it will take some diligent effort to break bad habits so that we can enter into the rest of powerful prayer. 

Let me share a quote from a recent blog by pastor John Fenn of Supernatural Church Without Walls.

“Many Christians think Jesus is the source of power, so they speak His name 50 times in a long and drawn out prayer, usually a prayer partly directed to God and partly directed to the devil, in which they speak the name of Jesus, bind the devil, plead the blood, command angels, and generally reveal they are like a blindfolded child swinging at a birthday piñata, not sure where the target is but knowing if they hit it they get the spiritual candy.”

So, what is the solution?  The same truth that Jesus lived by.  

Our desperate need today is to live our lives “Re-Presenting Jesus” in word, deed, and character with the same commitment to connection with His Father as He had.

Jesus was the “pattern” son to emulate.  He did more than take the punishment for our sins.  He showed us how to live “the life.” 

If you look seriously at His story, you discover that He made diligent and practical effort to stay in intimate contact with Abba Father.  He was determined that His responsibility was to do only what He saw the Father doing, and saying what He heard the Father saying.

That sounds kinda mysterious and impractical to Western life, doesn’t it?  Sure it does.  And the reason is because our practice of living life is so remote from the reality and potential of Kingdom life that Jesus experienced and demonstrated.  Otherwise, it would seem….natural.

As we learn to personally practice the art of nurturing a close relationship with our Heavenly Father, our “sensing” of His heart for ourselves and others becomes increasingly more “clear.”  Then when we encounter a need for another person, we are able to “step back” and then respond accordingly.  [Step back may be 2 seconds or 2 minutes…whatever]  But, no praying for the person until there’s a direction.  Of course, this is how we are to practice the decisions of life for oursleves….our own needs, too.  However, one of our problems that’s knocked us off the rails is being primarily absorbed with ourselves first.  We then give what’s “left over.”

Then we are connecting authority and power which equals results.

Seek first (above all things) His Kingdom (authority) and His Righteousness (what’s right in His eyes) and all of these things will be added unto you (power will produce the promise).

As a daily life experience…learn to….slow down, slow down, slow down, – ruthlessly eliminate distractions, eliminate distractions, eliminate distractions, hook up, hook up, hook up with Father….AND DON’T unplug, unplug, unplug.

[The last words here are the main point of the whole post]