Can You Taste Your Faith?

spoon-full-of-sugar-artTasteless faith is like lukewarm water.  God doesn’t like lukewarm water.  He spits it out.  He doesn’t expect you to like tasteless faith.

Psalm 34:8 says, “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good.  Blessed is the man who trusts in Him.”

[Forgive my getting technical, but I think it will really “flavor” our understanding in a really sweet way.]

A Little Taste Of The Hebrew:

Taste:  It’s a Qal Imperative verb.   In other words the writer is not suggesting something as a good idea.  Qal Imperative makes the word, taste, a simple active command.

To taste is usually used in verses in relationship to tasting food.

See:  Again it’s a Qal Imperative verb.  It’s typically used how we would think of learning or understanding something.

May I also suggest that this simple command is firmly connected to the ability to trust in the Lord.  The writer is urgent in his counsel that the hearer be blessed.  He knows by experience that trusting is dependent on the experience of “tasting to see” (learn and understand).

To enjoy the sweetness of sugar, it has to be experienced by tasting.  It is impossible to sweeten coffee – or life for that matter – by only understanding the logic behind the chemical composition of sugar.

As Western Scientific thinkers – highly influenced by the Age of Enlightenment’s darkness – we learn truth by the pursuit of logic and reason.  Much of the church has adopted the same process.  Because of this, we are counseled to believe in Jesus, know Him, trust Him, and pursue a relationship with Him but we are only given the tools of deductive reason and logic.

What we, therefore, have is a people who know a lot of formulas like “the chemical composition of sugar,” but coffee (and life) without “sweetness.”

<btw…for my faith friends…I too believe that declaration and repetitions of scripture verses on the topic of our need of the moment is a good learning tool.  But, to refer to sugar again.  Just declaring and continued repeating of the formula for sugar will not make your coffee sweet.>

I turned the corner in my own Jesus Follower life, when I began to ask the Holy Spirit to open up and refresh the power of my God given imagination.  I also had to stop being afraid of imagination, or belittling it’s value. 

The New Age movement taps into the wrong source, but the principle of “seeing” “visualizing” “imagining” is true.  You CAN let the theater of your heart be a stage for the Holy Spirit to direct great revelations of living truth.

“Oh taste and see that the Lord is good.”  < Jump into that one.   Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what that might look like for you.

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