What Happens When You Make Room For It

miraclesFrankly, I’d gotten weary of hearing about healings and miracles in other countries, as well as only experiencing them, myself, when I was on mine or someone else’s  missions trips.  I’d also grown weary of hearing other Believers commiserate, “When will it happen in the United States?” 

Then I heard the Lord speak to my heart.  He said, “Talking about the stuff, agreeing with doctrines about the stuff, and wishing for the stuff will not bring the stuff.  You have to  intentionally make room for it.”

Making Room Is Risky

What if nothing happens?  It will further discourage people.  Interesting.  What that really is all about is fear of loosing personal reputation.  C’mon.  Let’s be honest.  There’s a reputation risk involved.  But, do nothing and that is exactly what you’ll get.  Nada.  Zilch.  But…your reputation will be in tact, right?  Anyway…let me encourage you with what began happening as we looked to God and ventured out:

The Stuff Started Happening (Right Here In America) 🙂

Debra was rushed to the emergency room recently suffering from severe pain in her abdomen.  The E.R. sonogram showed a disturbing large black mass.  She was immediately taken to Iowa City.  Further examination revealed a great many fibroid tumors with a large black mass in the center that they were sure was cancer.  We prayed for Debra at church on two separate occasions. The last time, someone had a vision of Debra passing through the doors to the operating room and cancer was forbidden to enter with her.  When Debra was admitted for surgery, her roommate turned out to have exactly the same situation.  Following both of their surgeries, the surgeon had bad news for Debra’s roommate.  It was as they were sure.  She had aggressive cancer.  However, with a surprised expression, he told Debra that they removed her fibroid tumors, but that there was absolutely no cancer present.

Marie was also recently diagnosed with a family inherited breast cancer that had taken the lives of several of her female relatives.  Marie was told that, at minimum, she was facing a double mastectomy.  Prayer was also given several times for Marie…against the cancer, and her fear.  To make a long wonderful story short, she recently underwent her exploratory surgery.  All her lymph nodes were clean, and there was a small irregular patch that they removed.

Christine testified and demonstrated, last Sunday, the hand of God at work on her behalf.  Healing prayers have been prayed for Christine several times over the past few months.  She is in a wheel chair, but she said, “watch this.”  She proceeded to cross her legs.  She said, “I haven’t been able to do this for 25 years!”  She also said that a couple of weeks ago at her doctor’s appointment that he told her that she no longer needed her inhaler because her lungs were suddenly doing very well.

Larry had a two words of knowledge during last week’s teaching.  In one, he saw a vision of a knee with a spear like rod going through it.  The second second word of knowledge he heard the words depression and suicide together.  His mother took Larry and his niece and her friend, who had come to The Sanctuary for the first time, to lunch afterward.  As they were talking during lunch, Larry told them about the Words of Knowledge that he had had.  He knew nothing of the two girls emotional lives or physical conditions.  They both responded that they had severe knee problems that needed surgery.  When Larry prayed with them (right there at Applebees) her friend’s knee pain – on a scale of 1 to 10 – decreased to a 4.  Larry prayed again.  She said the second time it felt like something in her knee when hard and then soft and then there was absolutely no pain left.  His niece told Larry that she had been very depressed and had serious thoughts of suicide.  He prayed with her an commanded the spirit causing the thoughts to leave.  She was amazed and, in tears, she said she felt a heavy weight lift off of her.

Always Successful?

Nope, it doesn’t appear so at the time.  I don’t know why.  I don’t trying to spend a lot of time figuring out why.  I am always open to the Holy Spirit to show me a deficiency on our part, but gazing at the lint in my own belly button doesn’t appeal to me.  Also spading up my mind with the “why shovel” has never proven especially helpful.

There are times – that at the time – it would seem like nothing happens.  And most of the time it requires more than a quick formula “a little dab’ll do ya” prayer.  One thing I do know, when the prayer is proceeded by a God-given gift of a Word of Knowledge, the results seem to appear more quickly.

I could give you an opinion on why, but I would just be cluttering the water with more nutty “this is why” teachings that we really don’t need any more of.  Remember, opinions are like belly buttons.  Everybody has one.

So….let’s bring the good stuff to our shores by making room for the stuff!  Yay, God!!







GMO and How to Respond

gmo-tomatoUntil a year ago, I was not aware of what GMO even stood for.

Now I know it means Genetically Modified Organism.  It also means a great deal of the food the average person consumes daily is no longer of God’s design.  It is actually very destructive to good health.

Through her FB posting, my youngest daughter has opened my eyes.

I’m very impressed by her intelligence, as well has heart for justice and dedication to it.

The thing is, what do we….what does the average person do with the knowledge except have the “crap” scared out of them.  Actually, after each meal, I wish that a good scare would be an effective tool to eliminate the GMO crap that I’ve possibly…(probably) consumed. 🙂

All kidding aside, the GMO in our “food like products” is far more pervasive through far more sources that had ever imagined.  I knew a couple of years ago, from a farmer friend, that purchasing seed corn for planting required a chemical license because corn is no longer classified as a vegetable. It’s considered a chemical.  As I said, I knew there was limited changes, so I stopped eating corn.  But the reality of it is….unless you want to stop eating….just about everything you can buy at the store now days contains GMO which is a determent to sound health.

The average person can’t easily find, nor afford safe food sources.  Nor, are they in the situation to grow their own.

My wife and I were discussing this today.  You can educate yourself, but what do you do, practically speaking (because we eat every day) with that education?

You can somehow get involved involved in educating others and protesting.  I would do that if you can.  Petitions can be very practical and influential.  We certainly shouldn’t hide our heads in the sand.  We can and should take action where ever we can.

But that doesn’t alleviate the practical need of the moment.  As my wife and I were saying, one thing we are also going to be doing is changing the “rote nature” of our prayers at meal time.  Instead of letting a cursory prayer of thanksgiving flip, nearly unconsciously but more as religious activity, off our lips, we are going to be more intentional.

Since we do believe that prayer has an affect, sometimes supernatural, we are going to be thanking God for His provision, but also making requests for effective change agents, wisdom, and blessing on the food, itself.

We will also watch labels (which lately is getting pretty discouraging) and be open to ways we can be an encouragement with practical, usable solutions…for our selves and those with whom we have influence.

I will also keep watching my daughters posts for information and practical advise.  Besides the fact that I also opening up this article and asking for helpful comments on the issue that all of my readers can benefit from.





Healing Contradiction by Gary Ellis

When can a person honestly describe someone as healed?

I’m not asking this as the opening salvo of a theological discussion.  This is not a discussion about the fine points of faith.  I’m addressing a common concern of sincere people.

A friend of mine recently gave this testimonial.  She said that she had the opportunity to pray for a young girl who was suffering from an asthmatic attack.  After prayer the girl said she felt better.  As my friend related the story she was quick to add, “She wasn’t healed, but she was feeling better.”   I’ve known my friend long enough to know that her issue wasn’t “unbelief” or “doubt” as we would normally think of it.  She was (and is always) concerned about integrity.

When do we say a person is healed?  Do we wait for full recovery? Can we speak the “healed” word when there’s just signs of improvement?  These are big questions for many sincere people.  So, just keeping it simple let me respond this way:

  • Keep your integrity.  It’s one of the most valuable things you own.
  • You don’t have to use the word, healed.  You can say, “improved” without lacking any faith.
  • It’s also important to not diminish the atmosphere of truth by adding or thinking, “But they (or I) am not healed, yet.”  Adding the (sincere negative) doesn’t build faith for more.  Instead it focuses attention on what in not accomplished rather than what is.
  • Lay hands on the sick and they will recover.  That verse promises improvement, not microwave instant wholeness.
  • If you placed your trust in Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sin, were you forgiven…completely…or partly?  If I asked you if you are “saved,” would you say, “Well, I’m improved by I’m not completely saved?”
  • My wife and I celebrate our wedding anniversary on November 27th and have done so now for nearly 47 years.  In those 47 years were we fully married, or partially married?  Did we improve our marriage through the years?  Yes.  But, we’ve been fully married the full time since we both said, “I do.”

We tend to over complicate issues.  Healing is one of those.  If you feel better using the word, “improved,” do so but with full thanksgiving.  Praise God for any level of improvement with anticipation for more to be manifesting in the days…or hours…or minutes to come.  Healed is a word of doctrinal truth.  Healing is a word of process improvement that grows from the “healed” root.

In response to a testified improvement in a person, you might hear the one doing the praying say, “We call that healing.”  That is clearly accurate.  Healing is manifesting.

If we focus our attention on what we don’t yet have, we tend to start loosing what we do have.  If, with thanksgiving, we focus on what we do have, improvement tends to increase.

 I hope this helps.



Watering Healing Seeds – by Gary Ellis

In the last post, “Healing Questions Often Asked,” I described a living parable the Lord showed me about needing to water the healing we’ve been already given in Christ Jesus.  Today, I am going to further describe that “watering” process:

The Scriptures describe the Word of God as “water.”  However, don’t be mistaken here.  The water of the Word is far more than “correct doctrines.”  Jesus told the Pharisees that they studied the scriptures because they believed that eternal life was found by knowing them correctly (in their opinion).  But, Jesus said the Scriptures have as their purpose, pointing us to Him.  It’s in HIM that we discover eternal life.

It’s not simply a matter of collecting a set of verses about healing and speaking them out loud as if healing would be found in the “right” verses confessed.

Let me quickly add that there is great value in relying on what is realized in one’s heart through healing promise scriptures!  But, that’s something quite different than saying them over and over without marinating, with the Holy Spirit, in their truths.  It’s the light of revelation given by the Holy Spirit that leads us to Jesus our healer.  And, HE is the healer…not the words themselves.

Many people try to “water” the seeds by working at “feeling” like the words are true.  Often, they also take actions that they hope will prove to God that they believe Him.  Personally, I don’t believe that is the same as watering the healing seed with healing truth.

To me, the point is to use the Word of God as “material” for pondering.  In that way we pursue Jesus and allow the revelation of that pursuit to overtake us with His intended  confidence in Him.  Part of the pondering process can be speaking the words out loud to oneself.  But, that’s only one helpful element in the pursuit.

A mother would never allow a child who’se become dirty, to splash a little water on the soiled skin.  The child has to properly wash themselves.  Apply the water and scrub.  It’s really pretty much the same in spiritual issues like healing.  The dirt of doubt, fear, frustration, etc. builds up simply by being in the world. 

I’ve actually changed the metaphor here from watering seed to washing oneself.  But the core of the truth remains the same.  Very recently the Lord spoke to me afresh when I was becoming “agitated” about conditions around me.  He said, “I am always faithful to my Word.”

In Christ Jesus, we all have the seed of full healing.  And ultimately the Seed of full healing is Him and His union with us.  Activating that understanding takes a serious application of the water of truth.




Amazing Health Discovery by Gary Ellis

Although we’ve known about the reality of “multiple faith prayers” for some time, my wife and I had a fresh experience with it over this past week.  That’s what I’d like to share with you, today:

A year ago this coming May, my wife had surgery for colon cancer.  The last thing she remembers on the surgeon’s table was her right arm being pulled back. It was also being restrained in position that was causing a great deal of discomfort to her right shoulder.

Since then, the surgery was very successful, but her shoulder has been pretty messed up and causing frequent pain.  Her Chiropractor has done monthly adjustments that help in the short term, but only lasts for a short time.

A week ago, Karen said to me, “While I was washing a dish this afternoon, I had a sharp pain in my right shoulder that felt like the ball came out of it’s socket.  Now I can’t raise my arm and most any movement really hurts.”  <This was in exactly the same area where she’s been suffering for the past year.>

Recently, I’ve been teaching our Sanctuary Spiritual Life Class on the subject, “Kingdom Health Care.”  As part of the study, I presented the facts that the primary word for healing in the Old Testament means, “to mend.”  In the New Testament, the word for healing comes from the Greek word – where we get the English word – “therapy.”   So, the Kingdom of God view of healing is basically twofold:

  • To Mend
  • Therapy

Because I have a lightning fast mind (HA!), I agreed with Karen that our spiritual approach to this need would be…

  • Faith filled pray for mending and therapy

(Although we didn’t include physician care this time, it doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t.  There are times when the addition (not only) part of the healing process includes medical and/or counseling care.  But on with this story…)

I laid my hand on her shoulder and neck several times in this past week full of faith each time in God’s truth of mending and therapy.

Each day Karen has testified to increased improvement.  Today she left for a meeting saying, “I washed my hair this morning with that arm.  It feels very good.  I have full mobility.”

Sometimes without even realizing it, sincere sons and daughters of God box their belief into a couple of ideas that may actually be hindering their faith:

  • True healing happens instantly.  In other words, when I actually pray or receive prayer with faith, God will hear.  Then I’ll be instantly healed.
  • If I pray or receive prayer in true faith, I only should pray once.  If nothing seems to happen, I didn’t pray in faith.  I need to try again, or give up and get some other form of help.

Healing is one reality.  Miracles are a different reality.  Don’t mix them up, or it will side track your faith.  Mending and therapy automatically indicate “process of treatments”

Anyone who goes to an physical (or emotional) therapist assumes a span of time.  They also desire and have the right of expectation that the Therapist is going to give each treatment their full attention and skill.  If you are mending something that’s been torn or broken, you logically desire to do each step in the process to the best of your ability.

Therefore, each prayer of mending and therapy can and should be done in full faith realizing it’s a process.  It also logically suggests that mending and therapy prayer can and should likely be administered on multiple occasions.

With this in mind, I am encouraging people to seek out prayers on Sundays on a weekly basis while the mending and therapeutic value is doing it’s job.  If that’s every service for awhile (or quite awhile) do it…..along with various ministry treatments of support in between.

Health and healing is the “childrens bread.”  In my humble opinion, we need a more grace filled, faith filled approach to applying it in practical daily life.

Was this helpful?  Make your own comments or ask questions.




Healing Tip – Love Your Body

I am spirit.  God gave me – as spirit man – a body (an earth house) to move in this earth and, frankly, to enjoy it.  In reality this truth is becoming increasingly real to me as I have daily fellowship with the Lord.

One day I was looking in my mirror getting ready to shave.  The thought occurred to me, “If you will love your body, your body will do what God made it to do and walk in health.  Where it is sick, it will draw upon the resources of it’s Creator and heal.”  (Let me add right here that this is not an article about being health conscious.)

This is a description of what I have discovered from a spiritual perspective on health and healing.  The more we cooperate with the way God does things, the more successful we will be in walking out the abundant life that Jesus purchased for us on His cross.

To be totally candid, I only embraced the truth of “loving my body” for a couple of days.  But, again this morning as I was looking in the mirror, it came back to me.  I “heard” the words – I knew my spirit was speaking – that it was important for me to love my body.  It was impressed upon me that I often treated it like it was my enemy.

Your Body Is Not Your Enemy

In fact, at times, as part of personal healing prayer, I was “commanding my body” to receive and respond to God’s healing grace.  But, this morning – in that moment – I realized my body wasn’t resisting me.  My body was made by God as a perfect companion for me (spirit man) to navigate this earth and enjoy it.

God Created My Body To Be My Friend & Loving Companion

In that moment I “knew” that God had created my body to cooperate with me and it wants to.   I also knew that I – as spirit – needed to think on the house God gave me with appreciation and honor.  I perceived that I needed – as spirit – to receive from the Lord everything necessary to nurture my body…to help it heal…utilizing whatever methods of receiving God’s grace that His wisdom showed me through my spirit.

I knew that would include a wide variety of things.  Some would be quick acting.  Others would take time to bring about the needed changes.

Now…the thing is…I know that as we age in this earth there are physical things that begin wearing out.  But, I also know there are many things we do not really know about the potentials – even physical – God has for us in His grace.

I hope you’ve understood at least a bit of what I have tried to convey here.  Health and healing include many, many things.  Some spiritual in understanding.  Others natural.  All in all my charge to us is….Love The Earth House God Gave You.  He made yours and mine fearfully and wonderfully.

I’d Love To Hear Your Comments

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Miracle In Your Mouth

Your mouth contains more than a tongue, and teeth.  It is also full of miracles.

If you believe the bible, this will be helpful, even eye (and mouth) opening.  Otherwise, it will just be more blabbering about the subject of positive confession. And let me say right now that miracles in your mouth have to do with a lot more than superstitiously saying positive stuff.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they
that love it will eat the fruit thereof” – Proverbs 18:21

The Hebrew Word

The Hebrew word for power in this verse is “Yad.”   It is translated with various English words.  But, by far, yad is most often translated into the word, hand. As a matter of fact, it is only translated 12 times into the word, power. <probably because “hand” wouldn’t make sense to the English reader>

Invisible And Visible Worlds

The invisible world of God’s Kingdom is reflected in the visible world we see around us.  It’s important to realize that we can learn many things about the Kingdom of God simply by observing the functions of physical life around us.  That is true both in nature and the physical body.

Miracle Seeds

We learn from the physical world (as well as the human body) that that which is seen and that which is not seen start with seeds. So, let me share with you some of the simple word seeds that you plant with the hand of your tongue that will absolutely bear miracle fruit when they are given time to grow.

  • Thank you
  • Please
  • You’re Welcome
  • I’m wrong (I was wrong)
  • I love you
  • How can I help you
  • I’m proud of you
  • I’m sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • I need you

There are many more.  What seed words (phrases) do you use or can you think of that changes atmospheres and produces miracles?  Please comment.

One caution (and this is very important):

Just like Proverbs 18:21 says, the hand (power) of the tongue has the ability to create deathly results.  If you mix the two (life and death), you’ll seldom – if ever – experience the miracle results you desire.

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Angels & Miracles Conference

I just finished the video promo and decided to put it up on my blog.  This event is going to be “of the hook” great!  Too many true Christians believe that God does miraculous things.  But, they don’t realize He is doing them through US.  As one of the testimonies on this promo video says, “I attended thinking it was going to be another circus.  Then He touched me!”  Watch the promo and if you can, COME, PARTICIPATE, LEARN, EXPERIENCE.

To register for the A & M Conference, October 28 – 30, 2010 GO HERE TO REGISTER.

Eyeballs Materialize

We need demonstration of God’s power, today.  Not just excellency of speech.  In fact the Apostle Paul said those words, himself, a couple of centuries ago…”not with persuasive words of wisdom.  But, in demonstration and power” (1st Corinthians 2:4).  If it was true then, how much more NOW?!

I’ve personally witnessed many, many verifiable miracles.  In ministry meetings in other countries;  But, also in my own church, Sanctuary Revival Center, Davenport, IA.

However, this one blows my mind.  Not only the blind seeing, but eyeballs appearing. Watch: