Prophetic Word: Week of February 24, 2019

The following is a prophetic word of Holy Spirit counsel for the week of February 24, 2019. The original intent is for The Sanctuary Church, Davenport, IA. However, it also has value to the extended Body of Christ. Consider these words of prophecy as they may apply to you:


Let it be declared,
Let it be known,
Let it be understood,
Let it be experienced, says the Spirit of Christ,
Who abides and is at work within you:

I will never abandon you, nor ever give up on you,
I will never ignore you, nor ever disregard what burdens you.
I will never chide you nor discount you,
I will never berate you nor ever revile you.

You will always be the object of my affection,
My favor surrounds as your shield of protection.

You can count on our relationship,
You can depend on my love for you.
You can rest on my promises,
I will always be there for you

Above all else,
Beyond all of life’s circumstances,
Keep your heart in mine as I keep my heart in yours.

Abandon the worries that assail you,
Ignore the dread in your thoughts,
Silence the stress that berates you,
Give attention to my hope in your heart,

Let it be declared,
Let it be known,
Let it be understood,
Let it be experienced, says the Spirit of Christ,
Who abides and is at work within you:

You can count on our relationship,
You can depend on my love for you.
You can rest on my promises,
I will always be there for you.


May His Grace Be Your Abundant Portion,

Gary Ellis

Prophetic Word: Week of January 20, 2019

The following is, I believe, a prophetic word of Holy Spirit counsel for the week of January 20, 2019:

The original intention is for my church, The Sanctuary, Davenport, IA.  However, I believe it has a broader application as and if it ‘quickens’ in your own heart!

“It is my joy to help you, says the Spirit of Truth and Grace, to guide you on the path of right knowing and living. As we walk together, I will teach you with purpose and understanding that gives you clear insight and security for the journey ahead. I will reveal the heart of the Father. As He speaks to Me, I will then shine the light of His love and wisdom as it saturates the inner recesses of Your heart. Each place of darkness will give way to the brightness of His life, light, joy, peace, and confidence.

There is a change in the wind very close on the horizon. It is the breath of God and not to be feared. The eyes of the flesh will dread the fork in the road with anxiety and stress. Spirit-guided eyes will perceive the movement as the breath that breathes fresh life and transformation.

For I tell you Children of the Most High, neither the wiles of the evil one nor the schemes of the flesh have ever out-witted, nor out-performed His Eternal Majesty. Have I not said, “If God is for us, who can be against us.” Has He not fed the Servant of the Most High with the Ravens considered, by him, to be an abomination? Has the chaos of deep darkness not been transformed into a creation of light, love, and a garden of abundance by the word of His mouth and vibration of My wings? Do you think the powers of God’s might have diminished since the beginning of time? Do you believe that The cacophony of men’s clamoring has muted his voice?

I say it is time to own your relationship with your Father of Lights and Love. It is time to honor Him with your whole heart. It is time for you to choose this day whom you will serve. Will it be the author of darkness and death…strife and suffering…anxiety and confusion? Or will it be the One who has redeemed you through the life of His Son; The One who transforms children into mature men and women whose greatest delight is in being vessels of His love and life. Have you not been on the sidelines long enough? Is it not time you volunteer to be more than a Kingdom Observer and join the ranks of Kingdom Transformers?

Choose this day – and own that choice – so that you may find your place as Partners of His Grace. Choose this day. Begin to ascend on eagle’s wings and learn to fly above the storm as you also guide your neighbor to safe harbor. Choose this day, and own your choice. You have been uniquely formed and fashioned from your Mother’s womb and the circumstances of life for a time such as this. I do not call you to be a self-accomplished hero. I invite you to make your choice – own that choice – and then humbly learn the ways of The Hero. May you listen and hear the words of the Spirit of Truth and Grace.”

May the Blessings of His Grace Be Yours,

Gary Ellis, Pastor
Sanctuary Church, Davenport, IA.

Demystified Meditation

Meditation may not be what you’ve imagined it is. In my experience, the art of meditation is essential but is also highly misunderstood. It can also become unnecessarily confusing.

Why Meditate?

The practice of Christian meditation finds its roots in the Scriptures. The Bible writers mention the practice of meditation at least 20 times and link it to blessings and the prosperous way.  Seems kind of important, eh?

However, since the early 1700s, the church-world has become heavily influenced by the philosophies that were birthed by, what is known as, ‘The Age of Reason.’

In a nutshell, the idea was that the process of intelligent reasoning was the only vehicle to discover the truth and, therefore, adequately navigate life. Any notion that there is a spiritual dimension for informing reality was rejected. With this belief, the church’s systems of theology, and discovery of spiritual truth became increasingly intellectual, logical, and reason-centered.

As Author and Christian Apologist Josh McDowell has said, “Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean the person checks their brains at the door.”  I agree with Josh. God created human beings with an essential capacity to intelligently and logically reason. We cannot navigate our way through life – or spiritual truth – without it.

The Challenge

However, God also created us in His image and after His likeness with the vital capacity to think with the language of the heart, i.e., the theater of intuition. This stage of reality is nonrational (not to be confused with irrational). In other words, the intuitive heart knows, sees, feels, and senses things that the rational, logical mind does not (and cannot) perceive on its own.

In short, the rational and intuitive minds of the head and the heart must learn to work together.  Without the logical process, the intuitions of the heart would find no practical, constructive, daily focus. Without the intuitive process, though, the rational mind would be deaf, dumb, and blind to the heart of God.  Yes, the logical mind forms and presents important building-block facts; but, those bits of information tend to be sterile and without the ability to add meaning, warmth, and creativity to life. When the rational and nonrational minds learn to become a symphony working together, the quality of one’s life takes on a whole new dimension, and the Scriptures come to life.  It’s then that the breath of heart- intuition breathes into the rational mind and Ezekial’s dry bones rise and walk out of the valley of lifelessness. (Ezekial 37:1-14)

Another Unfortunate Christian Belief

It is my opinion that we need to be discerning as to which beliefs we allow to guide our lives, but this includes the teachings of our churches, as well.  Too many Christians have come to believe that anything they don’t understand – or is beyond the scope of their churches understanding of the Scriptures – is demonic. Too often we’ve focused our teachings on what to believe instead of how to think with wisdom. We’ve raised sincere believers to be fearful rather than wisely discerning.  Our sermons tell the people what is correct belief.  Instead, we need to be teaching people how to study and think through the scriptures with the Holy Spirit as their guide.  With the what to believe mind-set, instead of how to believe the Western Church has developed a ‘Body of Christ’ locked into immaturity and ineffectiveness.

What Comes First?

In some ways, we are faced with a ‘chicken vs. egg’ problem when we ask which comes first. As Educated Western thinkers, we want to break truth down into compartments of testable scientific order. In reality, healthy thinking is a harmony rather than a separation of definitions.

However, it has been my experience that it has been most helpful to allow the intuitive mind to take the lead.

The Challenge

The rational thought process has been the boss for so long, that even in Spirit-based Christianity, logical reasoning has become a long-standing King…even in the process of doctrinal beliefs. The rational thought process of having to connect all the dots, close every loop in thinking, eliminate ‘not knowing,’ and make sense of everything is something that the rational ‘boss’ fights to retain. It doesn’t like, at all, taking the sub-dominate role.

Meditation’s Role

Truth be told, the average person’s rational mind looks and feels more like a cage of drunken monkies on crack. The role of meditation is primarily two-fold: The first phase, whether it’s for 2 minutes, 20 minutes, or longer, is to purposefully disengage with the ‘monkey mind’ Let the thoughts be there. Simply don’t engage with them. Instead, focus your attention on something that doesn’t require deep thought or problem-solving. A very uncomplicated focal point that doesn’t require your logical processor to engage. Instead, let your thoughts be the paying of attention to a word of worship, like ‘Abba,’ or ‘thank you’ to simply the relaxed inhale and exhale of your breathing. Do that until you feel relaxed in mind and body.

Non-Traditional Meditation

You can actually meditate while you are doing dishes, mowing the grass, of shoveling snow. Yep, that’s legitimate. It works. The point is to allow your attention to be focused, for at least a few minutes daily, on a task that doesn’t require energy from your rational mind.

The Second Step

Once you have become relaxed, you can engage with imagining and feeling a scripture passage of the written word. What would it look, feel, sound, and smell like to be ‘within’ the story? But, you don’t always have to engage with the written Word of Scripture to be meditating on the Word. God also speaks to us through His Word of Nature. For example: Take a few moments to consider the beauty (not the scientific chemical complexity) of a leaf. If you’re a new mother, watch your baby breathe while it sleeps. Allow your breathing to harmonize with hers or his. Feel the deep sense of gratitude. Ask God to show you something about yourself as you watch your baby. You can do the same thing as you watch your baby play.

The point is to relax, deep breath, and process with your heart. Ultimately, the brain will also be engaged and help you form the intuitive thoughts that the Holy Spirit is speaking to you.

Christian Revelation

The arena of God’s truth is so vast that limiting it to the size of our intellectual capacities to understand is ludicrous. We need, what the Apostle Paul calls, ‘revelation.’ If you prefer the term ‘illumination,’ then use that description. Without the eyes of our heart seeing much deeper than the eyes of our human logic, we are chained to the Sunday School theology of a seven-year-old. In fact, in my opinion, that’s the problem with the average Christian and Church today. Holy Spirit wants to reveal so much more of God’s heart, but we’ve willingly, or inadvertently shoe-horned our faith into the boxes of human design and understanding.

There’s more. So.much.more! And in knowing the truth more thoroughly, you’ll discover His freedom more wholly.

What method of meditation is for you? The one you can make a consistent habit of. The one that is not an occasional hobby but a routine like putting on your pants.

The Art of consistent meditation is the doorway of a fresh new world of wisdom and wonder.


The Spirit of 2019

The following is a prophetic word that I believe reflects the activity of God’s grace in the coming year.  Although it was specifically spoken to The Sanctuary Church of Davenport, IA, it’s implications are appropriate to all who will receive them:

I believe that Holy Spirit is saying: I’ve have called you with the anointing of Isaiah 61. Be fearless and brave. Be assertive but not aggressive.

Holy Spirit is also indicating that we will be faced with things we do not know, naturally, how to do and be okay with that.  His answer is to make your default in those times “I’m one with grace”

Holy Spirit says that flexibility and adaptability will keep your bough from breaking.  Call for grace and let it’s supernatural anointing oil saturate your hard, inflexible places.

Be okay with my mystery, says the Spirit of Grace, for, in truth, my ways are more hidden from natural understanding than they are as obvious as you wish they were.  My instruction to walk by faith knew all the mystery your journey would encounter.  Embrace rather than curse mystery and you will learn to breath fresh winds of peace and confidence.

This is also a year of Gratitude and Grace

It’s the year of intentional thankfulness of heart and attitude, and not a time for black and white opinions.  The lenses of all of human vision are smudged by the affects of personal and natural world brokeness.

Don’t put too high of expectations on knowing how something should be for others or yourself.  I’m the true realist, says the Lord.  I am the reader of every man’s hearts and motives.  I know each one from beginning to end.  I know their twists and turns, as well as their crooked and straight paths.  I know each one’s thirst and hunger of heart.  I am available by my activated love, through you, to restore each cry.

And Finally, There will be times for the solitude of quietness with me, but special strength is found when you invest yourself in the healthy, loving community that I give you.  You will find great inheritance in the community of spirit that I give you.  Be intentional about not neglecting any and all sources of grace that I give to you. 

Brightness and Joy is my heart for you and for those whom you touch this coming year.

I believe that’s what Holy Spirit is pointing out to us for 2019.

Gary Ellis

Which Voice Is It?

Was it God?  Was it the Devil?  Was It Just Me?  Making the decision can be frustrating and may be confusing. However, I’ve discovered a pretty straightforward and quick method to determine who is speaking between the three possibilities.

First – It’s Not Complicated

Know that you can know. Be confident that you were designed, by God, to know the difference. Your ability to discern needs to be practiced in order to become more proficient, but with some simple instruction you’re well on your way to knowing your ‘guidance system.’  What we’re ultimately discussing is ‘how to hear God’s voice, right?

Second – How We Learn

Put your focus on what God’s voice feels like. I personally give very little time to any demonic considerations, i.e.: “Was it the devil?” I am secure in Christ and therefore far more sensitive to His voice than I am the enemy’s voice.

When the FBI trains its agents in the art of discerning counterfeit currency, they spend the vast majority of the training on the real bills…not the counterfeit. The philosophy is this: If you become very familiar with real ‘bills,’ you’ll quickly sense a deviation. The problem with studying the counterfeit is that there is always new fake money being introduced. If the agent’s focus is on possible fake currency, a new counterfeit may slip by.

It is my conviction that the same principle holds true for discerning between God’s voice and the voice of Evil.

I am also secure in my authority in Christ.  The devil knows what I will and will not permit.  He knows his attempts to deceive me is dangerous territory for him to play around in, and is quickly discovered.  Superstition has no place in my thought and belief process.

Third – You vs. God’s Intuitive Voice

Learn how your natural mind (Ego) works. We need our intellectual capacity to help us navigate our daily, material world. However, it is the impressions of our intuition that give us higher wisdom from God. Intuition is the voice of the heart.

Intuition’s voice (Spirit wisdom) speaks the answer or message, normally, once.  It is ‘self-confident’ in what is being stated. And, it comes with the feelings of the ‘Fruit of the Spirit.’ (Galatians 5). When I am desiring an answer to a question, my heart’s intuition is, most often, the first response.

The voice of the natural mind is usually the second response, and third, and fourth, and fifth, etc. The process of natural thinking is repetitive. It will often attempt to give logical sounding answers to your question.  On the one hand, it’s true.  The wisdom that our brain has stored up may be valid, reasonable, and helpful.  However, when we are desiring heart level communication, we need the voice of our spirit’s intuition to be the answer.

The Simple Explanation

Your natural voice will present itself as the repetitive voice of logic and ‘being reasonable.’ It will repeat itself. It craves sounding rational. If the intuitive impression is something to which you can’t logically explain ‘why,’ your natural voice will probably try to talk you out of your impression. It will also begin thoughts that suggest other possible answers. It hates mystery. Your natural mind is constantly striving to ‘close the loops’ and explain the reasons and logic for everything.

To hear the voice of God (which is His desire as a way of life), one has to become comfortable with not having to explain itself. It’s not that God’s ways are illogical. They just operate on a different wavelength of logic and understanding. God’s reasoning can be similar but is not limited to our natural definitions of rationality. It’s not that we must check our brains at the door to know God, but it includes recognizing the mind of Christ as a superior form of truth.

In Conclusion

1. Be free from being worried about being deceived by the devil.
2. God’s voice feels like the Fruit of the Spirit
3. The voice of your heart/intuition speaks first. The response is one answer, and the thought is steady sounding.
4. The voice of your natural mind is not so assured. It follows the first response with other logical sounding possibilities leading to confusion and lack of confidence.

Being led by the Spirit may include truth your natural mind already has ‘in storage,’ (memory), but life is very complex and wisdom for the moment does not come as ‘one size fits all.’ If anything about the world we live in is true, this is sure: Flourishing requires flexibility to respond on a dime. Otherwise, we are in danger of living a life of mediocrity.

Our goal is to re-present the life of Jesus in the earth, as His brothers and sisters, bringing heaven to the ‘earth’ we influence. Walking in the intuition of our hearts. Living with intuitive sensitivity to His Kingdom Spirit’s influence is our privilege and potential.


Discovering Joy

Just like ‘Batteries Included,’ Joy is included in your non-tangible DNA as God’s child. This brief article may be God’s voice speaking to you.

How do I know that Joy is included?

Joy is part of you because joy is one of the descriptions of the Holy Spirit that is mixed with your spirit (intangible you). It’s like coffee and cream blend together whether you feel (taste) it at the moment or not.

How can I feel (taste) it?

One of the ways you can begin to taste your inner ‘coffee and cream’ is by asking God for it…in the same way that you would make a request of someone you know loves you, is able to comply, and has your best interest deep in their heart.

Maybe ‘no’ is in my best interest.

Yes, that’s possible. However, I strongly suggest that your ‘best interest’ in God’s mind is not likely a no for His answer.

“For all of God’s promises have been fulfilled in Christ with a resounding “Yes!” And through Christ, our “Amen” (which means “Yes”) ascends to God for his glory.” – 2 Cor. 1:20 NLT.

As a religious culture, we have become so sin conscious that we are continually assuming the worst about ourselves. This kind of negative self-thinking or self-criticism has the walls of our hearts deeply stained with its grime. The cleanser is spending time doing a deep clean of your ‘inner house,’ just like you would your physical house. The cleaning solution is the work of pondering and soaking in the promises we’ve been given.

Self-Talk Soap

Hint: This is an excellent time to talk to yourself. This kind of self-talk of affirmation helps bring mental stability.

Love Light

While you’re giving your temple a deep clean, make sure to open the windows to let in plenty of fresh air and love light. Love light is the habit of responding to yourself and others gently. Truth be told, we are so much in God’s affection – warts and all – that His heart is very affectionate and gentle toward us.

Don’t assume that when God looks at you, he frowns. To feel that is another indication that too much religious ‘sin consciousness’ is rattling around in your soul. If you truly see His face, I believe you’ll see a smile!

Don’t Take My Word For It

Soak in His word. Take His word for it…which is another way of saying, “repent.” As we more consistently ‘take His Word’ as ‘our truth’ we develop a supernaturally powerful habit. That habit will attract the manifestation of the promise like a spiritual magnet.

The Result

“Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask, and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.” – John 16:24 NIV

The joy that was already a part of you will begin to manifest. You will start to feel it. In fact, that Joy will have a strengthening effect on your mind and body.

“…the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10c.

Go read the whole verse, let it sink in, and you will discover God’s attitude about false grieving.

Discover the joy that is already yours to enjoy!


P.S.  Just now I felt God’s Spirit say to my heart, “I don’t want you to just assume that I will give you whatever I think you need.  This is a relationship.  I want you actively involved in communicating your desires to me.  Be more specific.  I have a lot more grace-gifts of all kinds that I want to give you.”

If these words resonate in your heart, He’s also speaking them to you!

Expressing Real Love

We are called to love as God loves. What does that actually mean? How does it feel? How do we do it?

In this article, I’m going to share some things I’ve personally learned and experienced. However, to know about, receive, and demonstrate God’s kind of love for yourself is a journey. It’s a path you learn by intentional engagement. The reality of love doesn’t fall out of the ethereal sky and pop you on the head like apples off a tree.

Love Is Already Yours

Love is already yours to experience and give away. It is one with God’s children just as He is wholly one with each of them. It may be idling unused or under-used, but love is available in the same way that God is available.

Many Descriptions

Love is like a diamond that has many facets. One description doesn’t express the whole truth. Some of those words are found in Paul’s 1 Corinthian 13 ‘Love is’ passage. Love is patient, love is kind, etc.

Words That Stir Feeling

In our logically minded, definition encased culture, we try to rationally decide the truth through defining ideas. However, it has been psychologically established that our understanding of a matter actually begins with an intuitive feeling rather than a rational definition. Because I believe that is accurate, I try to use words that stir feelings as I desire to more deeply understand spiritual truths.

Look at the list of Spirit Fruit in Galatians 5:22. As you consider the individual words, a feeling arises from the word, doesn’t it? (Love, joy, peace, etc.) We can further describe the feeling to clearly communicate the meaning, but it starts with an emotional response, doesn’t it?

For me, a helpful, emotion stirring word that describes love is the idea, ‘Embrace.’

Think of what sense registers inside when you think of embracing an idea or a person. We are called to feel embraced and to embrace when we are given the commission to know and give love.

To me, that understanding is a helpful way to be more specific with what it means to love.

What About Bad People?

There are no bad people. Just good people that may have made some (or many) bad decisions and taken (even terrible) actions that brought deep pain to people. However, I believe that in the journey of learning the God kind of love, it is essential to see the beautifully designed soul of the ‘twisted’ person. I believe we find an example in Jesus’ words, “Forgive them. They don’t know what they are doing.”

One might exclaim, “Oh yes they did so know what they were doing!!” But Jesus saw a deeper level of reality. We don’t ‘naturally’ have that kind of understanding. It’s important to realize that God is available within you to open your eyes to see what he sees. Therefore, it’s vital to realize we can, and must ask for Him to see and feel through us at the moments we naturally resist. As we want to grow, we must call on God’s ability to save us from our own resistant thinking.

Embracing Ideas

Embracing also includes ideas that don’t jibe with ours. It’s important at those times that we learn to hear and embrace the person, even though we may disagree with their belief about an issue. Again…the power of God’s love can be received to embrace the person. After all, God embraces you, wacky ideas and all. 🙂

So, in conclusion

Consider adopting the word and emotion of ‘Embracing’ to help you know and grow in your understanding of God’s love for you, and you expressing that love to others.


Discovering Your Safe Place

We all want to feel safe and secure.  It’s human nature to build foundations that we think will protect us from danger.

Unfortunately, the sense of ‘safety’ too often doesn’t seem to ‘materialize’ as we hope.  There’s a fundamental reason why.

Fear can never produce anything but more fear.

Some people do it by learning the ‘correct doctrines’ because they believe that will keep them safe from deception.

Note:  I believe the Bible is a source of a potentially powerful, stable foundation for our lives.  I’m not minimizing the importance of good bible based understanding.  After all, Paul told Timothy that Scripture is profitable.

A good base of biblical understanding is very foundational.  However, all doctrines and good biblical understanding are not always the same thing.

How do I know the difference?

The primary way to be sure that what you know is infused with the heart of God is the fruit it produces; who you feel God is and what He is like.  Is your desire to read, study, and know His Word based on the desire to really know Him better, or is your search for understanding rooted in fear.  Is your concern that if you don’t have the right doctrine, you will be walking in deception, and He will be angry with you, or at least upset and disappointed in you?  Are you afraid of His displeasure?  Do you think believing the right doctrines make Him more happy with you?

I do believe that we can please God.  It’s good…better than good…to desire He be pleased with us.  But the question is…

What action on your part causes Him to be pleased?  There are a number of things we can discuss about that, but I want to focus, in this article, on the one area.  The fear motivation.

Let me repeat:  Fear doesn’t surround us with protection.  It only produces after it’s kind…more fear.  Fear does not have the capacity to produce the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22).

Discovering Your Safe Space

The place to know and truly experience God is in your heart.  Unfortunately, our Western culture is obsessed with the ability to pursue and grow in intellectual, academic skills. We the ability to “reason through” issues is the way to discover reality; to genuinely be safe from error and deception.

Although good thinking practices are ultimately necessary, truth and safety begin by consulting the heart.  We’ve too often put ‘reason’ in the driver’s seat with our hearts riding along in the back seat as a less valued silent partner.  In fact, that’s a big problem.  God never intended our brains to be boss.  Our ‘thought-computer’ isn’t able to see the unseen.  And, it’s the unseen that comprises most of what is truly real. Intellectual ability is important. However, He designed the capacity of logical thought only to articulate what was being communicated in the language of the heart.


Unfortunately, through lack of use, Western society has virtually lost the ability to discern and understand ‘heart language.’  The heart speaks primarily with images, feelings, and impressions that are not immediately apparent with our physical senses.  However, in my experience, learning what the heart is communicating is far more potent than intellectually conceived of logic.  As I said, the intellectual capacity is available for the purpose of ‘articulating’ what the heart is communicating regarding that which isn’t visible.

Christ Consciousness

Christ consciousness (the mind of Christ) is found in the river that flows in the canyons of the heart.  We are able to access that ‘river’ by a faith intention to do so, and the practice of shifting our focus through some form of ‘sinking inward’ through contemplation, pondering, or meditation…whichever description with which you feel most comfortable.

It is in the region of the heart that we develop a wonderful, living relationship with the Living Word.  It is the Living Word that contains the transformational power; not the humanly constructed doctrinal word…even though it may contain Bible words or theological sounding designs.

It’s vital that we allow Holy Spirit to guide us on the path of internal growth with God.  It is the Living Word that creates the ‘safe place’ for us to find protection.

May these words give you an itch that you pursue to scratch!



Peace Where Are You?

The following thought, like a butterfly landing on my shoulder, came to me this morning.  I share it with you in the hopes that the words will be life to you as well!

“Be guided in your daily life experience by the energy of peace and joy.  When you feel flat and without the energy of positive motivation, call out for peace and call out for joy as if they were Living Personalities, “Joy where are you?”  “Peace, where are you?”  In so doing you will be ‘releasing an intention’ (an inner decision) that will open the eyes of your heart to “see/perceive” where they are.  You will be drawn to the Presence of Peace, and Joy which is another way of saying that you will be drawn to experience the Person of God Who is, “Himself” Peace & Joy.

In your time of need, call out for what you need.  You will be drawn to “The Answer” (another name for God)  But, instead of calling in desperation, call in anticipation that Joy and Peace will respond and not keep silent.  Peace and Joy love you, and desire more to be found by you than you even desire to find them.  They will respond to your heart by saying, “I’m over here…come to me”

I will be found by you…(Jeremiah 29:14)



Speaking For God

Being able to quote Scripture verses is not the same thing as speaking what God desires to say in any given situation.

Don’t get me wrong.  I very much respect and honor the Scriptures.  However, slapping a ‘proof text’ on an argument isn’t the same thing as knowing the Word of God in that situation.

Arguing scriptures may just be a person’s ability to present reinforcements of doctrines, or positions they already believe is ‘Biblical.’  We do love our doctrines, don’t we?  They may just enjoy the thrill of the argument.  They may think they are serving God when they are actually doing the same as Paul when He killed Christians in the name of God.

So, how are we to know if the Scriptures we quote are actually the heart of what God wants to say?

I’m glad you asked.

What is the fruit?  Did it produce misunderstanding, strife, discontent, accusation, fear, anxiety, and division?  Did it stir up a greater love for God, and each other?  Did it cause you to feel superior because you set the person straight (in God’s name)?  Did it create an atmosphere of hope, personal humility, and respect?  Was real faith increased in you and the person you’re speaking with?

Remember, because you are able to quote Scripture verses doesn’t mean you are speaking what God wants to say!  It also doesn’t mean you actually know the Bible.  A person may have an excellent memory of Scriptures that support their pre-determined position…but it may not be what God is saying at that moment.

To know Scripture is to personally experience the life of those verses.

May we learn to experience the God-like nature of the Scripture we quote.  May we speak with God His Words of life that sets free instead of further binds.