Center Yourself (It’s A Must) by Gary Ellis

Without Jesus you can’t do anything (of true value).  Jesus said that. (John 15:4)  It’s not a theoretical statement.  It’s a dynamic truth.  That means that we are involved in the solution.  So, without Him we can’t do anything of daily value.  However, with Him we can do all things. (Philippians 4:13)

Regardless of yours, or my, place and station in life, success is spelled, J-E-S-U-S!

The dynamic part of the equation that initiates this on a practical level is what I (and many others) have called “Centering Yourself.”  That brings all sorts of images to people’s minds.  But it’s all very simple, really.  It’s not complicated.  It’s not super mystical.  It’s naturally supernatural…and makes our lives turn out that way…naturally supernatural.

I most certainly should center myself at the beginning of the days activities, but if you forget or just don’t get it done then, intentional “center yourself” later. 

  • Good morning/afternoon, Jesus.
  • Here I am declaring that I am Yours, today.  (Other added statements of worship and gratitude)
  • You are the center of my life, thoughts, and actions, today.
  • Righteousness is the center of that life, today.  I receive all things good from You.  Even more importantly, show me who to give myself to today in some simple act of kindness, or encouragement.  My life is about giving Your life to others.  I’ll let you oversee giving to me.
  • Peace is the center of my life, today.  I give and receive the power of Your peace, today.
  • Joy is the center of my life, today.  I give and receive the strength of Your joy, today.

There are a great variety of options to flavor your relationship with Jesus as Your Center. You can include some pondering on a Scripture.  You can include the kind of music that lifts your spirits.  However, this is very important:

Be Intentional.  Be Dynamic, not static.  Give “Centering Yourself” at least 15 minutes.  A focused, on purpose 15 minutes.

Turn on your faucet.  Flip the switch.  Plug in the chord to your fan.  (Not literally.  Those were word pictures about your inner life.)

The more the habit takes shape, the more your life will follow suit and then you will truly re-present Jesus in and to your environment.