Chillaxing With Jesus

I can’t think of a much, if any, higher goal on earth today than Chillaxing with Jesus.

If you aren’t sure what I mean…although I think most are…To Chillax is what one does when he or she combines the expression chill out with the word, relax.

Chillaxing with Jesus is highly Scriptural.  In fact it’s a command. 

You’ll find it in the book of Hebrews 4:11 where the writer clearly states, “Strive to enter the state of chillaxedness.” [Ellis translation]   (More conventional translations use the word, “rest.”)

Just so you know, that doesn’t mean, “stress out to enter rest.”  Some translations use the words, be diligent rather than strive.  That’s a better definition.  It also has the idea of being quickly diligent in it’s original language. 

It is such an important issue to God that He is setting forth a command, “Be quickly diligent to actually ENTER the rest that Jesus has purchased for us.”

The Apostle Paul told the Ephesian believers that they were seated with Christ in the heavens.  He was borrowing from an imagery with which they were familiar.  That of the priests who were not allowed to sit down until their work was finished.  As a matter of fact, a chair was an illegal piece of furniture in the Tabernacle. 

[A lot of Christians think that it’s still an illegal piece of furniture in the ministry.  At least you would think so since they are slipping and sliding around on their own sweat trying to prove to God how faithful and responsible they are]

Yep, the Holy Spirit via Paul said, “…we [that’s you and me] are seated with Christ.”  No more sweat equity needed.

How can that be?

We aren’t supposed to be flitting about making sandwiches Jesus didn’t order.  Jesus didn’t make sandwiches the Father didn’t order.  And…we can’t improve upon the whole process.

Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing and said what He heard the Father saying.  The think about that is that we have to do something else He did.  Spend quite a bit of time with the Father.  He seemed to be always pulling away by Himself to pray.

Then, when He acted in obedience to what He saw and heard, the Holy Spirit gave the grace [energy, power] to make it happen.

As we learn to focus specific time in quiet focus and worship, we will discover what Jesus discovered…”Abba Stuff”  As we become accustomed to those regular disciplined times, we find great spontaneous sensitivity to His voice in the flow of “normal life.”

Learn to chillax with Jesus, and your life will take on new, fresh dimensions you never dreamed of before.