Common and Accessible by Gary Ellis

Jesus made Himself accessible.  A lot of what sincere but “religion bound” Christians do is make it hard to connect with the Lord of Life.

Think about this for a minute:

In the Greek language there are two words used when translating the word, “bread.”  One of those words means, “unleavened – or – ritual” bread.  The other means, “common bread.” 

Today there’s all kinds of “common” breads on the store shelves…although each company wants you to believe their bread is better than common.  (Sorta like brands of religion, eh?)  At any rate, it’s the everyday bread we eat with our meals or as a sandwich.

When Jesus declared in John 6:35 that He was the “bread of life,” the word for bread was not the ritual or unleavened bread but the common bread.  In 1 Corinthians 11, the communion bread is….you’ve got it…the common bread.

The thing that struck me in a profound way as we observed The Lord’s Table, yesterday, at The Sanctuary Church was the fact that it’s Jesus’ deep desire that it not be hard to find Him.  He is the (common/accessible) Bread of Life.  He is not obscured in layers of religious ritual.  You might even be able to say that He’s hidden in plain sight.  (Lord give us eyes of simplicity to see).

Today…to you…to me…

“Come as you are to meet Jesus as He is.”

I believe that’s what the Holy Spirit is emphasizing in my heart for 2012.  Realize He is “easier” to find, and love, and walk with than we’ve known before.  And in that realization, help others make the same discovery!