Communication Steps

communications-607298God’s Kingdom revolves around relationship and relationship revolves around communication.

But how is Kingdom, or spirit realm communication received?  What do we need to “look” for?

Truth be told and understood, the process of natural communication is not that much different that the basic principles of communication that’s from the spiritual realm. 

Unfortunately, we’ve tended to make “hearing” the Lord speak too mystical.   But let me explain:

A Parallel To Listening For God’s Voice

I was on my way to the hospital today to be with a friend.  I had gotten up early and my wife was still in bed.  She was still in bed as I was leaving.  I looked over at her to see if she was awake before speaking good bye and I love you.

As I was looking at her, I suddenly had an impression that felt like it was God’s whisper to me.  It was focusing on something I had been doing for some time.  I made the connection that this same way of
“checking on my wife” paralleled listening for God’s “voice.”

Maybe it’s because at our age in life we are more aware of death.  I don’t know.  It’s not a fear or morbid thing.  It’s just a love motivation.

Very often first thing in the morning I do one of three things to make sure she is “with me.”  I know.  I know.  That may sound weird, but….whatever.  That’s what I often do if she seems very still.

What I Look For

I draw my mind to focus on one of three things:

  1.  Watching For Movement (Do I see physical movement)
  2.  Listening For Breathing (Do I hear the sound of breathing)
  3.  Feeling For Warmth (When I touch her, is there warmth)

Now let’s apply this to paying attention – focusing – for the purpose of perceiving communication from the Lord.

The key is that it “feels” the same as focus on a wife, or baby, or anything you are attempting to pay very close attention for.

The same focus is employed when a person is listening very closely to detect anything they are trying to perceive.  Have you ever heard a noise in your house at night and suddenly you attention was very focused to see if you could sense anything else?  It’s the same sensation when you are focusing to hear/perceive the inner voice.

Watching For Movement

Close your eyes (to eliminate natural distraction) and look for an image to appear on the screen of your minds eye.  Pay close attention.  Give it some time.  Does movement appear in your imagination in a visible color, or image of something?  Movement can also include physical sensations that are suddenly in your body that aren’t  normal to you.  Most times these kinds of physical impressions come in real time during a meeting.  However, they also can be felt in advance when you are focusing to hear what God may reveal for later.  It’s also interesting to note that physical “words” like these normally go away once they are identified for another person.

Listen For Breathing

A spontaneous thought occurs to you.  It doesn’t shout.  The thought presents itself as gently as breath that could easily be dismissed.  When “breath thoughts” occur to us about something we haven’t been already thinking about, it’s important not to critique them.  We miss many of God’s words by assuming they will come with a booming, authoritative voice.  However, we receive many of God’s thoughts as light “suggestions” that come and quickly go.  However, if we “catch” the thought and pay attention to it, that thought often begins to stand out in a way that is not easily dismissed.

Feeling For Warmth

This is a word from the Lord that comes as an emotional response that you feel.  It could be the feeling of peace, or joy, etc. that you spontaneously feel.  Although it could also be a more negative feeling like depression, anger, stress, or confusion that comes over you for no reason.  I remember the true story of a man who suddenly felt like he wanted to commit suicide.  He knew there was no reason for himself, personally, to be feeling that.  As it turned out, it was a word of knowledge about someone that was in the meeting who had those feelings.  The good news is that, once discovered, the person that actually wanted to end their own life was set free.

There are so many ways the Lord can speak His heart for others to us.  But, these three can help refine the way we receive.  We often make it too mystical when, in fact, hear God speak is naturally supernatural.

Words of God’s knowledge are powerful tools that reveal God’s heart.  I personally do not believe they are “optional equipment” for special people.  They are standard operating equipment for all believers who desire to show the God’s kingdom real and relevant.  We simply need to take it seriously and practice.  In so doing, we become more effective with use.  Most people are not converted by right doctrine, but instead by righteous demonstration. 

Let’s get practicing!