Confidence In A Skeptical World

We live our lives in the midst of increasing skepticism.  The scriptures tell us to be able to give an answer to the hope that we have in our hearts.

Unfortunately, many Christians don’t have answers beyond, “Because I have faith” or because the Bible says so.”

Although those are valid feelings, the Lord told us in the Greatest Commandment that we are to love Him with all our strength, soul, and MIND.  Faith is not an either/or proposition.  True faith is an exercise of both heart and mind.

Skepticism has become increasingly aggressive and militant.  In my opinion, it’s not appropriate to be dismissive with answers they can’t related to.  We can have confidence and we can sew seeds of truth without have to have a stratospheric IQ and a list of college degrees in the sciences.

I’m happy to announce that my first Everyday Faith Internet Gathering is online.  In coming months, I will be taking on several different practical issues of Everyday Faith.  The launching series focuses on the subject of becoming confident in a skeptical world.

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