Courage Is For Weaklings

Courage-to-challenge-the-climb-of-the-cliff_1680x1050Courage.  Bravery.  Hutzpah.  Grit. “Brass ones.”

These words describe the feelings one has on the path to experiencing life on God’s terms.

They move together and at the same time or your desired destination will never be reached.  Nope.  Never.

Unless you are experiencing everything you believe God wants for your life already, you probably haven’t crossed “the chicken line.”  (The edge of where you feel safe and secure).

The Secret Hidden In Plain Sight:

Courage is doing something you are insecure about or afraid to attempt at the same time you feel like you’re going to puke.  Sometimes the fear begins to subside quickly once you begin, sometimes not. 

Whether your feelings begin to feel more calm right away or more slowly, the “salvation” comes with the momentum of movement.

Starting (while you’re afraid) is the hard part.  If you start with committed intention and intensity, the resulting momentum will carry you over the finish line.

If you are “stuck” where you’re at, it may be the result of thinking that you have to feel confident and not afraid before you take the first step.

Commit to something before you have all the answers.  Commit to the first step before you have confidence that you can do it.  Commit to something without a built in escape hatch.  If it’s the right thing.  If it’s the loving thing.  If it’s something God has been drawing your attention to (and you’ve been waiting for someone else to do it) commit it to God’s care and JUMP, LEAP, THROW YOURSELF INTO IT. 

The Holy Spirit is your promised “help” (John 16).  The word for help is much richer in quality than we usually realize.  It means:  “To come along side, support, and rescue.”  You see, He knows your weakness better than you do.  But…yuh gotta make yer move.  That part He will not do for you.

Nine times out of ten, you will be feeling some kind of fear until sometime after you’ve take the first step.  Otherwise, you don’t need courage.

What’s your testimony?  Please comment.  It just may help someone else.  Just maybe you need courage to comment.  🙂  Btw…did you know there’s no testimony without a test?





  • Brasil Bom de Bíblia

    To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. – 1 Coríntios 9:22-23