Deal With The Demon Directly by Gary Ellis

Has a demonic personality tricked you in order to keep you off it’s back?  I’d like to address that on a very practical level in today’s post:
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The influence of a demonic personality is more common than we, in the Western World, actually factually believe.

If you begin experiencing feelings like you’re overcome with confusion, disorientation, anger, or any other internal manifestation that is “dark,” you are most likely experiencing the influence of a demonic personality.

Likely it’s more than thoughts that you need to control.  The demonic personality needs to be dealt with directly!

Frankly speaking, the Western world (and church in particular) has been side tracked down the road of dealing with most everything with logical understandings, methodologies, and sometimes the “latest flavor of the month club.”

It’s a great temptation to get caught up in “doctrinal disputations.”  We ALL fall prey to it more often than we want to admit.

Someone I know has been diagnosed as Bi Polar.  It’s had a very disruptive influence in the lives of her and her husband…both Christians.  The thing is…I don’t have a dispute with the diagnosis.  There are real medical and psychological disorders at the root of today’s medical and mental health.  The name of the diagnosis is not the point behind what I’m saying, today.  The “condition” may need medical and/or psychological assistance.  However, when there’s an eruption of the condition…it needs to be dealt with on the level of personality…not condition.  But I’m talking about more than “bi-polar disorder.”

Are you easily offended, or angered?  Do you suddenly feel confused and even disoriented?  Do you have panic attacks?

Although you may be shifting the blame to other things/people…you are likely being manipulated in those moments by a demonic personality.  During an “episode,” even the “blame shifting” thoughts are suggestions being spoken by the demonic personality for the purpose of disguise…to keep you off the real playing field.

We’ve been given phenomenal authority over the demonic world through the name of Jesus.  That’s what we need to use “in those moments of manifestation.”

Hollywood has given us a false picture of dealing with the devil.  Movies about exorcisms are again hitting the theaters.  And that creates mental imagages and perceptions in us all.  But…

even though you may be dealing with a demonic personality…it does NOT mean you are a candidate for an exorcism.

So…instead of switching into your personal belief system regarding doctrines of demons…just deal with it…as a personality.  Here is a simple way:

“In the name of Jesus…demonic personality that is manifesting in my thoughts and emotions…Stop, Now!  I deny your right to
continue this manifestation of (____) and cancel your assignment to harass me.  I am in a blood covenant with God
through Jesus Christ.  And, now I enforce that authority over you in Jesus name.”

Is this the only answer to personal character issues?  No.  But, the point of the post is “First things first.”

Right doctrine is truly important.  That forms our thinking.  But, the reality is that we are also doing battle with spirit personalities.  They love causing conflict within ourselves and with others over intellectualized belief systems.  But, actually…consider this…we are all spiritual personalities first.  We walk in a spiritual environment every day.  We must… start…there.

Weigh in.  I’d love to hear your comments, questions, and experiences.  Select comments below:


  • Melanie Putnam

    Excellent. And I am sick and tired of all of the demon/exorcism movies Hollywood is putting out. What is it with our society’s obsession with the demonic?

    • Futurehopevm

      I am thinking Hollywood has been trying to answer a lot of unanswered questions about the spirit-realm for years! By having movies that deal with it, they tend to satisfy themselves with their fantastical answers but as the Bible says “hearing they don’t hear and seeing they don’t see.” just sayin

  • Kim Farb

    I’m thinking about the first comment. Last school year, when I worked at our children’s school’s bookfair in the fall, half the room was full of books about vampires and werewolves. That’s no exaggeration! When I walked in the room, the volunteer who worked the shift before me, said disgustedly, “Welcome to the land of werewolves and vampires!” I thought, “This shows that these kids are interested in supernatural things! And I serve a supernatural God!”

    I look for opportunites and encouragement to share my supernatural God with these kids. I ask for open doors. They think they want the supernatural. They really want a supernatural God.

    Incidently, this year at the fall bookfair, there wasn’t nearly as much vampire stuff. The enemy’s wornout tricks take us in cycles, doesn’t it. Scholastic, the bookfair sponsor, featured more books on demonic stuff. As a parent, I think, we have to draw a line and say no to allowing this stuff to innundate our schools. As a Christ following parent I say, “Jesus, thank you for opportunities to share that you meet every need of our human condition. You are a supernatural God who heals, delivers, saves, and provides. And you do those things through me. Thank you for endueing me with power and sending me out to re-present You for who You are!”

    • Anonymous

      There was a long period of time in our Western culture that everything had to fit into a box of reason. We are again at a place of recognizing the reality of spirit. That’s a good time for the church who embraces spiritual reality beyond intellectual reason.