Dealing With Obstacles – by Gary Ellis

On every path to success we all encounter obstacles…even what appears to be mountains.  So, how do you deal with them?  I’m no expert; But, I’m in the process of learning some important principles.

Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes. Much of the time the obstacles are not “things” but other people that are “getting in the way.”

We have a dream, desire, something important to us that we want to accomplish and some thing or someone is standing in the way…pushing back…being a wet blanket…whatever.

When the obstacle to your desires, dreams, plans, or purposes is another person, it is really important to make the following important distinction.  (Most people don’t ask themselves this question).

Is it truly resistance…as in…is he or she purposely standing in my way? Or, is it ignorance.  And, when I say “ignorance” I mean lack of understanding, or proper knowledge…not stupidity.

So…next time you are feeling “push back” or resistance from someone…stop and ask yourself the very important question.  Is the person or persons being obstinate, or do they lack understanding?  Instead of resisting back and playing the “my neck is stiffer than yours” game, work at clarifying your purpose or point.  It just may work wonders.

In any given situation, there are other factors that are likely involved.  Sometimes it’s a little of both.  Resistance and ignorance.  However, addressing the communication and clarification side of things is far too often overlooked.