Depression Killer

I don’t want to over-generalize here.  Depression is a common ailment of our emotions that has a variety of causes.  But, so many times it is easier to kill depression than we realize when we have been struggling with the gray side of life. 

Bill Johnson, a man I greatly respect for his insight, once said, “I am only about 10 minutes away from depression at any point in every day.”  He went on to explain that every one of us have that vulnerability.  What it ultimately boils down to is where we allow our thoughts to dwell.

I tested those words and have found them to be true time and time again.  What I personally discovered from Bill’s counsel is this:

Only allow your thoughts to dwell on what God has done, and what He is doing.

Never permit your mind to entertain what it appears He has not yet done!

I’ve discovered there are a variety of ways to say that same thing.  You may wish to put it this way…

“I will only allow my mind to rehearse and re-joy-ce over what has been accomplished.”  “I will not spend time worrying over what it seems I’ve not yet been able to do.”

It works!  It really works!!

What can you recall to mind that God (and you) have accomplished up to this moment?  What good (and great) things have you witnessed that you’ve been a part of?  What positive, powerful works are part of your history with God?   What things are not completed but certainly are in progress?

Meditate, ponder, muse, rehash, rejoice over those things.  Leave the rest in trust to God.  He’s the One who sees your heart, and desires.  He’s the One who sees what you can’t see.  He knows what you can’t know.  Leave all that “stuff” to Him.

It works!  It really works!!

If your current thoughts aren’t taking you to a place of peace, joy, love, patience (the fruit of the Spirit)…

Start thinking other thoughts that will!



  • Kim Farb

    Good word, Gary!

    • Gary

      Thanks, Kim!  It’s been a long time since I’ve had lunch with Bill.  I’m looking forward to “lunching” with him on Friday at Culver’s.