Desired Behavior Change

Most people like change about as much as getting a root canal.  (Just the words sound…<shiver>)  HOWEVER, most people also have things they would like to change in their behavior patterns.  Here’s some solid advise:

A change of habit is essential.  However, changing a habit requires practice.  You have to practice the new habit before you feel it, understand how it works, or “do it right” before that habit will impact your desired behavior change.

Most of us already know the little “change agents” that will move us the right direction. Most of the time we don’t “feel” like it at the moment we need to be practicing it.

So, stop waiting to feel like doing it before you engage the action part. If we wait for the feeling, nothing will probably ever change.  Scientific tests tell us that.  Practice of something must precede the feelings.  Always.  But, practice will usher in the satisfaction of positive change.

What other things have you discovered brought about some positive changes in your life?  Please share for everyone’s good.  Add a comment: